Bloodline Miami

What’s really going on.

A lone fanatic of Itla-Shua has generously paid members of a gang to deliver a Wendigo to his residence in southern Florida. Unfortunately, criminals are not known for their reliability and things went sideways fast. The creature broke from its transport in western Miami and went on the run. A friendly police officer desperate to keep the peace made the call to the only people he knew could help.


Track and take out the creature. Minimize exposure and harm to the community. Find out why it’s in Miami.


Some late summer night, the attending agents are urgently ordered down to Miami to meet with Sgt. Wesley Fallon of the Miami-Dade Police Department to receive more details on an unusual attack. The officer meets them at the Florida airport in plainclothes.

He explains that last night he responded to a disturbance in southern Miami, an area known to be active with Russian gangs. Upon arrival the scene was grisly; several men torn apart with knife wounds. Because of the abnormal circumstances, he didn’t call it in. Except he found a cell phone on one of the bodies with a brief video of the incident.

The video shows a shot of the truck chained shut.
“Why the fuck are we doing this? The guy is a fucking looney. And why is it so cold?”
“Because he’s paying us out the ass, thats why, now shut the fuck up.”
Another man unlocks the cargo door to the truck and peers inside… before a slender, inhuman hand swiftly reaches and rips his throat out. The phone drops to the ground and a hail of gunfire takes over the audio. The gunfire tapers off accompanied by visceral sounds and cries of pain, followed by a disturbing howl and rapid footsteps.

The Hospital

Wesley Fallon found a survivor among the bodies.
a. The officer brought the wounded gang member to a small hospital in Miami, requesting care from another friendly, Aubrey Watts. The gangster was restrained to the bed and treated for deep puncture wounds, lacerations, and third-degree frostbite.

Wesley Fallon spends most of his time at the hospital, acting as a sentry guarding his wounded prisoner. Fallon dons a thick jacket before entering the room, which is uncomfortably cold. The gangster has a bandaged arm and four-point restraints. His skin is pale and tight, breath is shallow, and in severe condition, but conscious… He can provide a general description of the assailant: a tall, emaciated man wearing an antlered deer mask. He’s unsure how or where the man got a knife, but goddamn he was fast.

b. At an inconvenient time in the investigation, the Fallon calls an Agent in desperation pleading they return to the hospital.

Upon return, the hospital is nearly empty except for a few frantic nurses, Aubrey, and Officer Fallon. Fallon is drenched in blood and desperately gripping his arm.

“Fucker bit me! Arm started turning blue and went to hell before I knew it.”

He explains he went in to check on the man after Martha started treating the patient for rabies. He broke through the restraints and attacked Fallon before being shot and locked in the room. It should be obvious that the gangster, now transformed into a full Wendigo is a threat needing to be eliminated. The gangster now has the form of a tall, pale man with excessive rows of teeth.

The Warehouse

Wesley Fallon first responded to reports of a disturbance from the vicinity of the warehouse. By the time he made it out to the building, he was met with no resistance. Shredded bodies littered the area, most of whom long since bled out, except for the gangster, Nicolas Piotr. Piotr was detained and brought to the hospital.

Among the bodies there is a small refrigerated truck that is all but destroyed on the inside with its doors hanging open. Many of the bodies lie in pools of frozen blood. Searching the Warehouse can net the agents cocaine, firearms, and cash.

Hidden under the seat in the truck is a sealed manilla envelope. Inside, there is a printout of a Word document titled “On the Wendigo, Children of Itla-Shua.” Along with this document, there is a pamphlet for the Southern Glades Gator Farm, and a large wad of cash.

On the Wendigo, Children of Itla-Shua

In English. Study time: hours. Occult +1%,
Unnatural +3%, SAN loss 1D4.
A fairly recent work by an unknown author. The Wendigo is an alien mammal inhabiting the cold climates of North America. Their pale, slender frames are misleading of their enormous muscular strength. Wendigo bites cause the victim to undergo a physical change at a molecular level, eventually becoming a Wendigo themselves. I believe this to be caused by an alien pseudo-venom present in the creature’s saliva that attacks and alters the DNA. While the creature’s exact origins are disputed, it is commonly associated with the great wind-walking deity of Itla-Shua, serving her as their mother. Wendigos feel a great instinctual urge to migrate north whenever possible, but I believe they are simply drawn towards aspects of Itla-Shua herself.

Agents can find large tracks heading south through the city. The tracks have caused small segments of the ground to freeze over with small patches of ice- but the space between tracks quickly increase and are gradually lost.

Southern Glades Gator Farm

The Gator Farm is a private breeding facility owned by Erasmo Richards; a bit of a redneck, but well-mannered and seemingly educated. The Farm lies an hour south of Miami in the everglades, accessible by dirt roads.

Heading down to the Farm, rain starts to fall. Nearing the Farm, the rain turns into snow and a dense fog lies low to the ground; the temperature has considerably dropped in the vicinity of the farm.

Inside the farm grounds are many fenced enclosures separating the alligators by size. Bodies litter the area; Russian gangsters. A primary building sits in the center of the farm, inside is the residence of Erasmo Richards, containing various books on folklore and a rudimentary shrine to Itla-Shua. Through the snow and fog, a man leans against the fence of an enclosure. Upon approach it is evident he is enamored by events within the enclosure; alligator snarling, splashing water, and flesh tearing.

Erasmo Richards is leaning against a large torn hole in the chain-link. Inside a large slender being is engaged in a brawl with an alligator, biting and clawing at the reptile. The alligator latches and deathrolls the creatures, audibly breaking bone.

“Truly, they are the apex predator.” Richards states.

Richards is holding a pump-action shotgun and bleeding heavily from gunshot wounds, but does not seem to notice. If the agents attack the Wendigo, Richards will attack them in response. The Wendigo should put up a decent fight but be noticeably weakened.

The Wendigo and Richards should not prove too troublesome for a team of armed agents, but…

When all seems finished, snow still falls. The night is silent, and then the cracking. The cracking and popping of bones and flesh from inside the enclosure. The agents witness the body of a mangled alligator shifting and lengthening, eventually taking the similar form of a tall, emaciated humanoid, with the head of an alligator. The final enemy.


If Officer Fallon survives, he takes appropriate actions with Aubrey to cover up the Hospital incident. Having been the sole responding officer to the Warehouse, he removes the records from any such call or report.

Local news and tabloids will publish stories “Florida Man Found Frozen to Death!” detailing how a homeless man was found with extensive frostbite in the city limits.

If any agent was bitten by a Wendigo and did not amputate the affected area shortly after, they will contract Wendigoism and quickly transform into the creature with instinctual urges to venture to the frozen North.

Handler Notes

  • Sanity loss should occur whenever the agents encounter a Wendigo or witness the transformation.
  • Wendigos do not kill cleanly, they leave a lot of violence behind.
  • The escaped Wendigo is compelled to travel south, drawn towards Erasmo Richards and his shrine to Itla-Shua.
  • If the players are having trouble tracking the Wendigo, leave a trail of bodies or sightings through the city.
  • If the players don’t respond to Wesley’s call at the hospital, he can either transform into a Wendigo himself, or Aubrey can mercy kill or amputate his arm.


The Wendigos use the “Wendigowak” statistics in the Delta Green Handler’s Guide, page 228.
Alligators use the “Crocodile” statistics in the Delta Green Handler’s Guide, page 353.

The Wendigator

STR 25 CON 25 DEX 8 INT 5 POW 14
HP 25 WP 14
ARMOR: 5 points of thick, scaly, frozen hide (see ICY
SKILLS: Alertness 40%, Athletics 50%, Stealth 50% (60%
in snow), Track Prey 90%, Swim 50%
ATTACKS: Claw 50%, damage 1D10 or grapple.
Bite 80%, damage 3D6 (see WENDIGATOR BITE).
SNARL: As its action, the Wendigator can snarl, spending 4
WP. Any present who fails a SAN test immediately suffers
temporary insanity; those who succeed are stunned for
one turn in shock and terror. The snarl affects a given
Agent no more than once in a day.
ICY VITALITY: Ordinary attacks inflict half HP damage
against a Wendigator. A successful Lethality roll does
not destroy it, but inflicts HP damage equal to the
Lethality rating. Fire ignores the Wendigator’s armor
and inflicts double damage
WENDIGATOR BITE: After combat, bitten Agents must make
SAN tests (at a -20% penalty if bitten more than once). On
a failure, the Agent gains +6 STR and +6 CON, adds
40% to his or her Unarmed Combat skill (up to 99%),
and does 1D6 damage (and communicates wendigoism)
with a bite. The Agent has a new disorder: an addiction
to eating human flesh. The Agent’s feet begin to deform
and his or her eyes change color; this can be noticed
with an Alertness test. At the end of the operation (or later
at the Handler’s discretion), the Agent transforms into a
wendigo and flees civilized lands for the north.

Sgt. Wesley Fallon

STR 12 CON 12 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 10 CHA 10
HP 12 WP 10 SAN 40
ARMOR 4, Reinforced Kevlar Vest
SKILLS Alertness 50%, Firearms 60%, HUMINT 40%,
Occult 20%, Persuade 40%,
ATTACKS Glock 17 60%, damage 1D10

Nurse Aubrey Watts

STR 10 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 13 POW 10 CHA 10
HP 10 WP 10 SAN 45
SKILLS Alertness 50%, First Aid 60%, HUMINT 40%,
Pharmacy 40%, Search 40%
ATTACKS Unarmed Attack 40%, 1D4-1

Erasmo Richards

STR 10 CON 15 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 12 CHA 12
HP 12 WP 10 SAN 16
ARMOR 2, Unnaturally thick skin
SKILLS Alertness 50%, Firearms 40%, HUMINT 50%,
Occult 50%, Persuade 40%,
ATTACKS Shotgun 40+20%, damage 2D10*, Bite 40%,
damage 2D4 (50% chance of transmitting Wendigoism,
use “Wendigo Bite” rules).
RITUALS Call Forth Those From Outside (Wendigo).


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Turts.

The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and © the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are © their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.