Bob Inman

From: Jürgen Hubert

MSN Slate features an interview with Bob Inman, who has, according to the
article, "served as director of the National Security Agency, vice director
of the Defense Intelligence Agency, director of Naval Intelligence, and
deputy director of Central Intelligence Agency".

Sounds interesting. But can anyone who keeps closer tabs on the American
intelligence community give some more context on this guy? Or even play a
game of "spot the lie", if applicable?

From: "The Man In Black"

Inman is a slick operator linked to all kinds of things (conspiracy
theorists point to him as connected to everything from the
Philedelphia Experiment to MKULTRA to sitting as one of the Majestic-
12). In Body of Secrets, he's described as an ingratiating (or
manipulative) fellow who knows how to win friends and influence
people. Definetely part of the old boy network of the military-
industrial complex.

The biggest omission in this interview is how NSA spies outside the
USA with ECHELON, including in the UK… and GCHQ reciprocates by
spying inside the USA with ECHELON, something prohibited by law to
the NSA… but required of the GCHQ.

From: "Mark McFadden"

A *master* at manipulation. He never lies when it isn't necessary, and
is never coy about when a subject cannot be discussed. He is so upfront
and forthcoming that it becomes disarming. So when he tells a whopper
for the effect he was trying for all along (and was the whole point of
the interview) it blends in with all of that straightforward aboveboard
information. I say all this with sincere admiration. Sun Tzu would approve.

If you want some ObDG for Bobby Ray Inman, check out :

"Admiral Inman has been credited with making such statements
which have been construed as meaning that he was aware:

  • that "recovered vehicles" (meaning extraterrestrial alien craft) have been in the possession of the government for over 10 years,
  • he had "some expertise" in the area of UFO before his retirement,
  • that he has been aware of a program to "indoctrinate the public" in UFO matters,
  • that he "understood who is behind the technology in the crafts" meaning extraterrestrial alien beings,
  • that the matter (of U.S, government recovery and possession of alien UFO craft) was covered by the "national security laws".
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