The Book Of Dagon

by Raymond H Rich

The Book of Dagon was translated by Obed Marsh from R'lyeh glyphs with the assistance of Kanak tribal chieftain and deep one worshipper Walakea. It describes the relationship between Great Cthulhu and his servitor deep ones.

After Obed's death in 1878, the hand-written translation was taken by bribed servants to a young Ephraim Waite. Ephraim's father was a devout Methodist, however, and seized the book. When he passed, he gave the volume to Ephraim's younger brother Thomas for safekeeping.


Game statistics for the Book of Dagon appear in Escape from Innsmouth.


based on material given in Escape from Innsmouth by Kevin Ross with Scott Aniuolowski, Fred Behrendt, Keith Herber, J. Todd Kingrea, Mark Morrison, and Mike Szymanski and Delta Green by Adam Scott Glancy with John Tynes.

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