I suspect the whole of Dreamlands England would look like a rainy London and would also include Scotland and Wales, and the population would all talk either Dick van Dyke 'cockerney' or have cut glass Oxbridge accents, depending on social status.

I'm off for a cup of tea now. Pip pip old bean! (Lee Williams)

That's actually "a spot of tiffin" old man if we're conforming to colonial stereotypes. Personally I prefer the cliché of double vodka and Red Bull, arcane closing time ruckus, and where our football soccer hooligans still rule the world. (Adam Crossingham)

I see a 19th century Britainia (London - what would you call it?) with fog shrouded streets, someplace where Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and the League of Extraordinary Gentleman run about. The skies are always grey (or night) and it never really rains, but it's never really sunny either. (James Collins)

It also occurs to me that some portions of England's (depdending on era) probably resemble Wonderland, Pooh's 100 Acre Wood, Narnia, and perhaps even Middle Earth; perhaps with some nasty twists. (Stephen Posey)

I am amused to see that the latest stereotype to be added to the xenophobic litany of British alienness concerns dentistry and oral hygiene. This is probably due to Austin Powers, since I have a hard time imagining the sort of person that responded to one of the Guardian letters to Clark county with "MAY YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TOOTH CAPPED. I UNDERSTAND IT TAKES AT LEAST 18 MONTHS FOR YOUR GREAT MEDICAL SERVICES TO GET AROUND TO YOU" spending much time watching the BBC or actually meeting any Brits. Besides, everyone knows that the distinguishing characteristics of UK denizens are fishbelly-white skin and a predilection for getting their naughty bums spanked for misspelling "tire", "theater", and "color". (Mark McFadden)

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