Cancer Cell


Cell R have retrieved a dangerous object that they have placed in a self cooling and bulletproof container about the size of a briefcase. The object was retrieved after a confrontation with several hostiles and only agent Ross is still alive. Agent Ross has sought refuge in a safehouse maintained by the organisation. A retrieval team, Cell F, is on their way with a armored van, specialists and equipment that is needed to neutralise the object.

The player characters are the agents and friendlies that live, or happens to be, close enough to the safe house to help agent Ross defend it until Cell F arrives. They are to immediately make their way to the safe house with whatever firearms they might have in their possession and keep agent Ross and the object safe until Cell F relieves them of that duty.

The Safe house

The safe house is a small apartment on the fifth floor in a rundown tenement building in a neighborhood where people don’t ask too many questions. The apartment do not have direct access to a fire escape. There is no elevator in the building. The apartments is equipped with a safety door. The apartment has two rooms, a tv-room and a bedroom with a large closet, as well as a small bathroom and a small kitchen.

The Object

Is an alien virus. Infected humans start hearing voices telling them about the true nature of the universe and the mythos. In the span of 24 hours an infected individual goes from being a normal human to becoming a powerful sorcerer to commiting suicide in a fit of absolute madness.

The Truth

Members of a former Delta Green cell that has gone bad are the ones who ambushed R cell when they were in the process of retrieving the object. Agent Ross made it to the safe house and called for backup. One member of the renegade cell, Aaron Heller, got to the safe house just before the player characters. He killed Agent Ross by snapping his neck and hid the body in a large suitcase that he then hid in a wardrobe. Aaron then used magic to masquerade as agent Ross. The rest of the renegade cell is coming to retrieve the object which they intend to use for terrorism. They will be aided by the fake agent Ross.

The members of the renegade cell are:

John Pope: Army ranger turned Hastur cultist and leader of the renegade cell. Does not care for the lives of anyone, even his cell members. Knows the withering spell.

Nina Martelli: Former FBI hostage negotiator turned Hastur cultist.

Aaron Heller: A former FBI agent. He got infected by an alien lifeform during a mission for Delta Green and can now shapeshift into looking exactly like people he has eaten some part of.

Jenny Harrison: A local cop and former friendly. The cell infected her with an alien cancer virus that is eternally self replicating. Jenny’s body has the consistency of gelatin but she is supernaturally strong and can not be killed by conventional weapons, only slowed down.

The Opera

Cell F is 4 hours away when the player characters arrive at the safe house. They will have to contend with the renegade cell trying to steal the object.

Hour 1: ”Agent Ross” will try to convince the group to let him leave or to leave the safe house with him.

Hour 2: ”Agent Ross” will try to escape and/or the renegade cell will isolate and try to gain access to the safe house using social manipulation, bribes, threats and the like.

Hour 3: The renegade cell and ”Agent Ross” will try to kill the group with conventional means and steal the object.

Hour 4: The renegade cell will use supernatural means to kill the group and will not care if they accidentally releases the alien virus.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Sebastian Lindeberg.

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