Case Exfield Cakewalk

Built in 1704, Exfield Manor once belonged to the Barons Exfield. Then PISCES seized it in 1940 and made it a training camp. Shuttered in 1963 (after post-war use as an occult storage site), it remained in limbo until sold to the National Trust in 1998. It’s been a museum since 2003.

Two weeks ago the museum made the news when one of its Martinware jars was appraised at £350,000. PISCES subsequently noticed the museum’s website listed certain items among its collection that were left behind in 1963.

PCs are PISCES agents, given photographs of the items and told to deposit them at a lock-up in Manchester. Tomorrow’s a bank holiday, the museum closed. Tonight or tomorrow are perfect for a burglary. Don’t get arrested, don’t hurt anyone too badly.

About Exfield

Exfield Manor, a two-story country house, sits on Saddleworth Moor, a desolate expanse of gritstone an hour east of Manchester. Hikers get lost out here, some never found (Navigate-a-plenty, Stealth -20%).

PISCES has few records on wartime Exfield. Civilians believe it was an SOE training facility or code-breaking camp. The museum barely mentions this, focusing instead on its 1890s past (the place is renovated to look as it did then, albeit with modern electrics and toilets).

Their website jokes that the ghost of Lt. Elijah Exfield, 3rd Baronet (1823-1863) haunts the museum (see GHOSTS!).

Access is solely via the front door, 9AM to 6PM – other exits and downstairs’ windows are alarmed. CCTV, set-up last week, is in some interior rooms (Stealth to move unseen, +40% if you know a room has a camera). A guard patrols at night.

Map on p.9.

Major locations below:

Grounds: A winding, mile-long road to a gravel lot front of house. Grounds scattered with ugly trees.

Porch/Hall: Desk and visitor-book. Free entry but map/guide costs £3.50. CCTV.

Morning Room: Sickly Victorian chintz. Shocking number of clocks that chime every hour. Ornate double-barrel shotgun above mantelpiece (with two shells loaded!)

Conservatory: Greenhouse, lush flowers, humid.

Coal: Souvenir shop. Sells tea and ice-creams. Benches to sit.

China: Glass cases (alarmed) containing rare Martinware jar, statues, Toby Jugs, etc. CCTV.

Larder/Dairy: Roped off. Shelves of mock-up Victorian foods.

Drawing Room: Red-gold wallpaper. Duck-egg lintels. Big fireplace. Portraits of long-dead Exfields. Ropes cordon fancier items. CCTV.

Dining Room: Huge table, mannequins seated to eat. Stuffed animal heads loom.

Kitchen: Gloomy stone. Low-ceiling. Original iron range with pots. Silverware is plastic.

Scullery: Washtubs, clothesline with Victorian clothes. Roped-off (but open) trapdoor to basement. CCTV.

Knives: Once used for knife-sharpening. Now stores gardening equipment – and bottles of flammable cleaning fluids. Locked.

Landing: Life-size painting of Elijah Exfield, Crimean War hero, overlooks stairs. CCTV.

Bedrooms: Austere. Victorian four-posters. Portraits. Musty.

Linen: Locked. “Staff Only” sign on door. Filing cabinets, staff rosters, wi-fi router, CCTV monitors/recorder. Computer (for accounts etc.) has PDF scan of PISCES Records.

Attic: Stairs roped off. Once servants’ quarters, now storage. Old furniture. Rats.

Basement: Dingy staff break-room with lockers, tea-urn, chairs. Eight heavy-doored “cells” at one end, all filled with junk. Here PISCES held prisoners for interrogation. Scratches in cell walls include swastikas, sigils, fragments of dead languages.


Five volunteers: Mildred and Martha, two nosy old women; Luke, a bored art-student always on his phone; Trevor, overbearing ex-Army chopper-pilot and amateur historian; Cliff, sleazy handyman. Trevor runs hourly tours.

At 6PM security guard Frank Sullivan (54) arrives with his Alsatian, Dewey, to help lock up. He stays in a cabin on the grounds until 7AM when relieved. Frank patrols the museum exterior every hour.

If police are called or an alarm trips, two unarmed Greater Manchester Police constables arrive by car in 2D10 real-time minutes. If firearms are spotted, three armed officers arrive in 1D10+5 real-time minutes. A helicopter appears if suspects flee onto the moors.

Esoteric Items

PISCES knows of four items from the museum website but lack information on potential powers or threats.

Tome: King in Yellow (English). Silk-bound cover: Hali: A Comedy. Museum website quotes Cassilda’s song, describes book as “rare and interesting”. 50% chance it’s on bookshelf or being read by Luke, who leaves it in a random room (likely basement) before going home at 6PM.

Painting: 18” x 8” landscape of rainy Manchester skyline, c.1927. Indistinct shape crouches atop roofs. Sometimes it’s not there. Blood spilled within 40-feet flows into painting: 1 HP of blood, painting leaks rainwater; 3 HP sound of beating wings; 4 HP, Winged Servitor bursts forth for 1D4+4 rounds, then returns. Damaging painting frees creature. Found against wall in basement.

PISCES Records: “WWII Exfield records – open to scholars” reads museum website. The one wanted is among a dozen folders. Contains eyes-only information on post-D-Day PISCES work (+3 Unnatural, 1D4 SAN, +4 History). Also states manor’s basement hosted interrogation of Nazi occultists and traitors, all executed on-site! In Linen filing-cabinet. Trevor only lets academics read them but says he’s scanning them for the website.

Statue: 4” tall clay statuette of three-legged man-thing. Described as “African (Kenyan?) trinket, c.1900”. 1%+ Unnatural recognizes it as deity, Screamer in Darkness (1 SAN). Habitually apports if eyes taken off it or not physically held (e.g. jumps between glass cases or from backpack to pocket). Those carrying it suffer -20% to all rolls and auto-fail LUCK. Found under glass in China Room, on shelf in Drawing Room, or used as paperweight at front desk.

Bonus Item: Not on PISCES’ list. Heavy book: Wahre Magie. 19th-century German translation of Theophilus Wenn’s tome on magic, Satan, spirit-possession, sacrifices etc. Bookplate reads: “Eigentum der SS-Bibliothek, Thüringen”. (SAN 1D4; Unnatural +4; Rituals: Call Forth Those from Outside (Ifrit); The Primal Lay; Winged Steed; Whispers of the Dead (Nyogtha). On bookshelf in Morning Room or in Attic. See ZOMBIES! below.

Casing the Joint

During open hours PCs can check for CCTV, get a feel for security, meet staff, etc. There are 2D6 tourists present.

Alertness or Criminology spots two visitors masquerading as father-and-daughter are actually scouting the place. They are professional burglars (Reg and Trudy) here to steal the jug (see RIVALS!). They may or may not realize PCs are rivals.


Sidney Crowthorne, 9th Baron Exfield. A bitter man. His great-grandfather lost Exham Manor, then blew the family’s savings. Money’s tight, debtors are incoming. Hearing of the jug’s worth he’s hired crooks to steal it (he considers it his inheritance).

Reg Dibley (62), ex-British army EOD technician-cum-safecracker. Abhors violence but defends colleagues with his fists. Carries rudimentary flashbangs to distract and evade.

Trudy Hawkins (27), experienced cat-burglar and parkourist. Has a mile-long rap-sheet. Carries a pistol to guarantee she won’t return to jail. Will not leave without the jug.

Sunny Rana (29) by day puts in alarms; by night bypasses them. Set up the Exfield system, knows how to shut it down. If threatened he does what the scariest person orders.

Damien Shakespeare (33), closet-Nazi, driver, kleptomaniac. Wields a sharpened screwdriver. Wanders museum, grabbing anything not nailed down. Takes a fancy to Wahre Magie.

All wear balaclavas, gloves and arrive at 10PM in their van to steal anything expensive. Crowthorne waits at a warehouse in Manchester. He keeps the vase, splits the rest. Unnatural materials later appear on the black-market, causing untold trouble.


By night, poltergeist activity – eerie footsteps, rattling doors, cold spots – haunts the museum. Agents might even spot Elijah Exfield’s ghost! It’s harmless, unless someone tries to burn or demolish the house, or damages his painting. Then his ghost tries to possess a victim. Opposed tests against POW 20 are made for everyone near the museum.

Whoever fails first is possessed by the spirit of dashing Victorian officer, opium-sot and womanizer, Elijah Exfield (1/1D6). PCs can contest this every 10 real-time minutes (24-hours for NPCs). Cast out, Elijah tries to possess the next closest person. If everyone within 3m of the last host pass the POW contest, Elijah dissipates forever.

A possessed PC’s player runs Elijah – stats at end of scenario. His goal is to retain a fleshy body and run wild.


Wahre Magie was found on captured Karotechia sorcerer Rainer Bielefeld in 1944. He was later executed with five other prisoners.

Bielefeld booby-trapped the tome so it’d resurrect him if read. A successful Unnatural roll realizes this while skimming – 5 HP of blood nullifies it. Unfortunately the resurrection spell was flawed – if read, the six executed inmates rise from unmarked graves (3 outside, 3 in basement) as brain-hungry zombies.

Arriving Late

Agents arriving on the bank holiday find their rivals ransacked the place the night before, stealing jug, Tome, Painting, Urn and Bonus Item. Also six zombies are abroad – probably gnawing on Frank.

There’s enough evidence (Forensics or otherwise) to track Rana, flip him on his colleagues and reclaim the artifacts.


+1 SAN recovering all artifacts
+1 nobody (seriously) hurt
+1 give Wahre Magie to PISCES
-1D4 torching museum
-1D4 working on bank holiday

Pregen Statistics

STR 11, CON 11, DEX 11, INT 12, POW 16, CHA 11
HP 11, WP 16, SAN 64, BP 48
Disorder: Addiction (Cannibalism)
Skills: Alertness 40%, Anthropology 70%, Bureaucracy 40%, Computer Science 20%, Criminology 50%, Foreign Language (Player’s Pick) 50%, Foreign Language (Player’s Pick) 40%, History 60%, HUMINT 50%, Occult 80%, Persuade 40%, Search 50%, Stealth 30%, Unnatural 10%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4
Bonds: Freemasons 11; Shady book dealers 11; That mortician who sells me the “special” meat 11; The Hellfire Club of Surrey 11
Motivation: PISCES looks out for me, so I look out for them; learn the sublime truths of the universe; keep the “meat” a secret

NELSON/NIKKI BOATENG, Close-protection Specialist
STR 15, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 10, POW 10, CHA 10
HP 15, WP 10, SAN 50, BP 40
Skills: Alertness 60%, Athletics 60%, Art (Guitar) 40%, Criminology 30%, Demolitions 40%, Dodge 50%, Firearms 60%, Heavy Weapons 40%, Melee Weapons 50%, Military Science (Land) 60%, Navigate 70%, Persuade 40%, Search 40%, Stealth 70%, Survival 50%, Swim 50%, Unarmed Combat 70%
Attacks: Unarmed 70%, 1D4+1
Bonds: My band, The Krusty Jugglers 10; My mum in the hospice 10
Motivations: Take a bullet for the person next to me; leave no one behind; protect the innocent; visit mum on the weekends

STR 09, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 12, POW 14, CHA 17
HP 10, WP 14, SAN 70, BP 56
Skills: Accounting 30%, Alertness 50%, Bureaucracy 60%, Criminology 70%, Disguise 50%, Drive 40%, Firearms 40%, Foreign Language (Player’s Pick) 50%, Foreign Language (Player’s Pick) 40%, HUMINT 80%, Law 20%, Persuade 60%, Psychotherapy 50%, Occult 40%, SIGINT 40%, Stealth 50%, Unarmed Combat 50%
Attacks: Unarmed 50%, 1D4
Bonds: Notches on bedpost 17; Long-suffering best-friend who secretly yearns for me 17
Motivations: I’m the life of the party; sticky-fingers mean more money for a rainy day; better to apologize than ask for permission; I just want people to like me

EMIL/EMILIA McNAMARA, B&E and Electronic Surveillance
STR 10, CON 10, DEX 14, INT 15, POW 12, CHA 11
HP 10, WP 12, SAN 60, BP 48
Skills: Alertness 70%, Athletics 60%, Craft (Electrician) 40%, Craft (Locksmithing) 50%, Craft (Mechanics) 40%, Craft (Microelectronics) 50%, Computer Science 40%, Demolitions 40%, Drive 50%, First Aid 50%, Forensics 40%, Navigate 50%, Search 40%, Stealth 50%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4
Bonds: Long-term non-co-habiting partner 11; Church 11; Your brother, who’s in jail 11
Motivation: Slow and steady wins the race; it’s all in God’s hands; get the job done; no sex (or anything else for that matter) before marriage

NPC Statistics

REG DIBLEY, Ex-Army Safecracker
“Let’s talk about this, OK? … No one needs to get hurt.”
STR 14, CON 12, DEX 09, INT 10, POW 10, CHA 10
HP 12, WP 10, SAN 45, BP 40
Skills: Alertness 50%, Athletics 40%, Craft (Locksmith) 50%, Criminology 40%, Demolitions 60%, First Aid 50%, Military Science (Land) 60%, Secret Heart of Gold 60%, Unarmed 80%
Attacks: Unarmed 60%, 1D4+1
Flashbangs (x4) 40%, -40% to rolls (Junk, see HG p.93)

TRUDY HAWKINS, Stickup-Artist
“I’m giving you a choice: give me the jug or I shoot you.”
STR 10, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 11, POW 14, CHA 14
HP 10, WP 14, SAN 70, BP 56
Skills: Alertness 60%, Athletics (Parkour) 60%, Craft (Lockpick) 50%, Firearms 50%, History 40%, Persuade 60%, Play Innocent 50%, Stealth 60%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4
Beretta 9000D40, 1D10 (only eight-rounds in gun)

SUNIL “SUNNY” RANA, Security Expert
“Don’t hit me, I’ll do anything!”
STR 09, CON 09, DEX 11, INT 12, POW 10, CHA 10
HP 09, WP 10, SAN 50, BP 40
Skills: Athletics (Run Like the Dickens) 50%, Computer Science 60%, Craft (Electronics) 60%, Craft (Microelectronics) 50%, Occult 30%, SIGINT 40%, Stealth 40%
Attacks: Unarmed 30%, 1D4
Pepper spray keychain 60%, -20% penalty

DAMIEN SHAKESPEARE, White Nationalist Skivvy
“Top banana, our lad! An’ I wuz worried this place was gonna be borin’, like.”
STR 12, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 09, POW 09, CHA 06
HP 13, WP 09, SAN 45, BP 36
Skills: Alertness 40%, Athletics 40%, Criminology 40%, Drive 60%, Firearms 40%, Melee Weapons 60%, Other Language (German) 40%, Unarmed Combat 40%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4
Sharpened screwdriver 60%, 1D6, AP 3

FRANK SULLIVAN, Security Guard
“Oi, you lot, geddoutofit!”
STR 10, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 10, POW 12, CHA 09
HP 10, WP 12, SAN 55, BP 43
Skills: Alertness 40%, Drive 50%, HUMINT 50%, Irascible Grumpiness 40%, Melee Weapon 40%, Persuade 50%, Unarmed Combat 40%, Yell at People 60%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4
Illegal blackjack in pocket 40%, 1D6 (last resort)

DEWEY, Frank’s Alsatian
“Woof, bark.”
STR 12, CON 13, DEX 14, POW 10
HP 13, WP 10
Armor: 1 point
Skills: Alertness 70%, Be Distracted by Treats 30%, Track by Smell 80%
Attacks: Bite 30%, 1D6
Knock down 50%, opposed STR roll to knock opponent prone

SIDNEY CROWTHORN, 9th Baron Exfield
“Look, we can split everything. 60-40. How’s that sound?”
STR 10, CON 11, DEX 13, INT 12, POW 12, CHA 13
HP 11, WP 12, SAN 60, BP 48
Skills: Accounting 20%, Archeology 40%, Criminology 30%, “Don’t You Know Who I Am?!” 60%, HUMINT 60%, Law 30%, Persuade 60%
Attacks: Unarmed 40%, 1D4

“Sierra Charlie, in pursuit of armed IC1 male, requesting Spartan-2 Firearms Unit…”
STR 11, CON 11, DEX 10, INT 10, POW 10, CHA 10
HP 11, WP 10, SAN 50, BP 40
Armor: 4 points of stab vest
Skills: Alertness 50%, Drive 50%, HUMINT 50%, Law 40%, Melee Weapon 50%, Persuade 50%, Unarmed Combat 50%
Attacks: Unarmed 50%, 1D4
Extendable baton 50%, 1D6

“Spartan-2 to Sierra Charlie – Tango down.”
STR 12, CON 12, DEX 10, INT 10, POW 10, CHA 10
HP 12, WP 10, SAN 50, BP 40
Armor: 4 points of stab vest
Skills: Alertness 50%, Drive 60%, Firearms 60%, HUMINT 50%, Itchy Fingered Bravado 50%, Law 40%, Persuade 50%, Unarmed Combat 50%
Attacks: Unarmed 50%, 1D4
X2 Taser pistol 60%, -20% penalty
Glock 17 pistol 60%, 1D10 (all officers)
H&K G36 60%, 1D10 (two officers, semi-auto only)

ELIJAH EXFIELD, Dashing Victorian Ghost
“I live! Again! Tally-ho!”
STR N/A*, CON N/A*, DEX N/A*, INT 10, POW 18, CHA 16
HP N/A*, WP 10, SAN 67, BP 54
*Stats as possessed individual
Skills: All at base, except – Athletics (as host), Roguish Canoodling 70%, Drive 00%, Melee Weapons 70%, Military Science (Victorian) 60%, Persuade 40%, Ride 70%, Unarmed 50%
Disorder: Addiction (Carousing, philandering and staying in his new body as long as possible)

“Rrrr… Grrr… Gehirne…”
STR 15, CON 15, DEX 5, INT N/A, POW 1
HP 10, WP 1
Armor: Half-damage from all non-magical attacks, including headshots
Skills: Alertness 40%, Unarmed Combat 30%
Attacks: Bite 30%, damage 1D6 AP 3

STR 25, CON 25, DEX 12, INT 8, POW 8
HP 25, WP 8
Armor: 3-points
Skills: Alertness 30%, Flight 60%
Attacks: Claws 40%, damage 2D6
Bite 40%, lethality 40%
SAN Loss: 1/1D6


Note: Floor-plan from English Country Houses (1E) by William Wilkinson (1870, Public Domain)



This was an entry to the 2020 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Agent Obtuse.

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