CC-156-43-256E, "The Mirror"

From: Charles Farru-Hill <charlesfarruhill@…>
Date: Fri Mar 17, 2006 8:59 am
Subject: Re: [dglist] RE: The Castaigne collection - Another item

The Mirror: Item 156-43-256E

This item is listed as having been obtained from a trader based in Martinique along with an instruction to keep it covered, and apparently arrived in Europe in 1869. When discovered by Karotechia it was covered with an imperial German flag.

The mirror itself is formed from a single piece of obsidian and is about 5 feet tall and 2 and a half feet wide and nearly 2 inches thick. There is a border of about 4 inches deep which is a complicated filigree formed of Mayan pictograms. The central 'pane' is surprisingly flat and gives a perfect reflection. Anyone gazing at a persons reflection in the mirror will feel a loyalty to that person. The person whose image is reflected feels more self confident, this feeling is greater if someone also gazes on their reflection.

Only one person is ever reflected in the mirror at any one time.

Successfully translating the pictograms will cause a San loss of 1d4/2d4.

The mirror currently rests on a plain Jarrah wood frame.

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