CC-????2, preserved hand in jar

From: "David Farnell" <azzageddi@…>
Date: Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:19 am
Subject: Re: [dglist] The Castaigne collection

OK, the MiB has been pestering me on GTalk to submit something, and I finally had a little free time to think about it. Here goes:

ITEM#(whatever seems appropriate) PRESERVED HAND IN JAR, from Mexico, early 20th century

A normal human hand, except for what appears to be a bullet hole through the palm. The hand floats in alcohol which, upon testing, proves to be laudanum. The jar is a large screw-top mason jar of a type made by Hero Glass Works of Philadelphia, Penn., in the mid-late 19th century, with the words "THE GEM" embossed on on the upper body.

Notes found with the item claim that the hand assumes different positions when no one is looking. It is currently closed, fingertips resting against the palm, thumb alongside. The next time anyone looks, the thumb will have shifted to lie across the closed fingers.

Someone who knows American Sign Language or thinks to look up an ASL alphabet chart ( will realize the hand is communicating a message in ASL. Days of interrupted observation (the hand never moves when watched by anyone) will reveal the message, "As to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination."

Opening the jar and smelling the contents will induce the sniffer to have a dream that night; the dream is described here: (Clearly John Tynes has had access to the item at some point.)

Opening the jar while holding one's nose will induce auditory hallucinations. It is said that the famous composer Phillip Glass and the rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix were frequent visitors to the small pueblo where the jar was housed at the time.

Actually drinking of the laudanum will cause the drinker to swoon. The moment the drinker's unconscious body is not watched --even if a watcher merely blinks-- it will disappear, and the drinker will awake in Carcosa.

No matter how much of the laudanum is drunk, its level never decreases.

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