CC-23-7-343-W, "Aldebaran Rising" by Richard Upton Pickman

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Date: Wed Mar 15, 2006 6:42 am
Subject: Re: [dglist] The Castaigne collection

This is turning out to be the thread of the year…

ITEM 23-7-343-W ALDEBARAN RISING by Richard Upton Pickman.

An oil portrait of an extremely old man in a bare wooden candlelit room. He is sitting in a rocking chair before a window open to a starry night sky, centered upon the constellation Taurus. The old man's back is to the viewer. Spilled across the ground next to him is a deck of tarot cards. The Fool and the Destroyed Tower are prominent, and there is a bloody knife impaling the Sun to the rotting floorboards.

Viewing the painting is perilous to those who have been touched by the cancerous unreality of Carcosa and Hastur. Prolonged contemplation of the painting will result in any would-be art appreciators being flung through the painting into the interstellar void between Earth and Aldebaran. The Old Man will erupt in raucous laughter if this unexpected star trek occurs.

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