CC-27 Gs 512 Js 344/42, a portrait of Charles II of Spain

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Date: Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:51 pm
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ITEM: 27 Gs 512 Js 344/42

A Portrait of Charles II of Spain - unknown artist

Charles II of Spain ( 1661 - 1700 ) was a King of Spain from the Hapsburg dynasty. Even on official paintings the deformities from generations of inbreeding (unfortunate edit) are visible. This painting by an unknown artist bears the date June 24th 1700. It bears no signature except for the letter "N" next to the date. While the official paintings we know obviously tried to make Charles II look more appealing, the artist called "N" lacked this generosity: The painting seems photo-realistic. And it not only shows all the known deformities in brutal photo quality - it also shows the deformities that were not shown on the official paintings or that had not been visible before "N" created his work.

We see Charles II sitting in a chair in an empty and dark chamber. There are windows in this chamber and through those windows we see the skyline of an unknown city. This awkward city does not seem to fit in Charles II era - it looks more like Victorian London. Charles wears a shiny breast plate armor. In his left hand he is holding a sword in his right hand he's holding a huge leather bound book. Where his feet should be is just a mass of tentacles.

The painting was found in 1942 in an orthodox Church in the town of Novi Sad. A note stuck to the back of the painting reading: "Dear Farinelli, you seem to like this ghoulish painting. I cannot stand this Hapsburgian Monster. Felipe V. - King of Spain."

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