CC-343-2501, Karotechia Enigma machine

ITEM# 343-2501 Enigma-U machine.

Rare, possibly unique WW2-era German Enigma machine with four rotor slots and seven rotors. Included is the original case, constructed of black varnished wood marked with inset silver runes such as the the curved swastika or Sonnerad of the Thule Society, as well as other less prominent SS runes. The four rotor slot design is reminiscent of the Kriegsmarine Enigma, although the naval model comes with eight rotors. One of the seven rotors included with the Enigma-U is marked with the Futhark rune alphabet. Another has been identified as Enochian, a language described in the Liber Logaeth by Elizabethan scholar and astrologer John Dee. The other five rotors contain various symbols and alphabets that remain as yet unknown. No manual has been discovered for this item.

Conjectural analysis suggests that at least one of the unknown rotor languages is AKLO, which could possibly make the Enigma-U a primitive computer for calculating hypergeometrical formulae. It almost certainly can function as an automated occult scrying or fortune-telling tool for casting runes. The internal wiring is highly unusual and some of the electrical components seem to operate in violation of natural law. There are numerous semiprecious and precious gemstones as well as many unidentifiable metals or alloys used in the construction of the Enigma-U. Disassembly and re-assembly is not recommended.

The item is in excellent condition and has survived the passing of time in an amazingly pristine condition. Our first attempt at operating the Enigma-U resulted in the spontaneous generation of message text in a pseudo-numerical cipher. Translated and deciphered, the text read as follows:

"The Seal They have set against Him shall not prevail forever. The folly of mankind shall shatter the Seal: HE SHALL RISE. Man in his unseeing ignorance shall assault the skein which binds his immortality (and know not who guides his hand); he shall rupture the air and oceans with fire, and cover the firmament with the venomous shroud of ancient Cthulhu's shadow."

Further use of the device was discontinued.

by the Man in Black, DGML#19565

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