CC-????4, "The Sclero Mosaic"

From: "Jonas Bolander" <jobol@…>
Date: Sat Mar 18, 2006 9:14 am
Subject: Re: The Castaigne collection

The Sclero Mosaic

Packed up in seven large wooden boxes marked with the swastika are tens of thousands small tiles; coloured black, white and green. A closer look reveals that the black ones seems to be made out of obsidian, the white ones out of bone (though it can be contested that any bone this old should be unable to stay white) and the green ones from some unknown, but slightly soapy to the touch, mineral. Someone dragging his hand through the gathered tiles will experience a strange feeling, like touching something wet and squirming, but nothing beside tiles can be found in the boxes.

The stones are rumoured to have been removed from an ancient Roman ruin outside Napoli where they were used in a floor mosaic. No closer identification is done but the name Valperius Sclero is somehow attached to the find. No records of the Sclero household can be found … anymore.

If the stones are laid out across the floor of a rectangular room 7 by 4 meters across, no matter in what pattern, they will over a period of seven months "move" into an image of swirling lines and spirals. Anyone who studies this image for more than a minute or two will find himself following a line across the mosaic (which suddenly appears much larger than before).

A strong-willed person can stop at this point and can even hear strange whispers and chitterings that may reveal things that has happened or that will happen. Someone of insufficient willpower will continue to follow the line, and find himself in Carcosa if the line were white or black), or down in the deep ocean near R'lyeh (if the line was green).


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