CC-94606-M, "The Nightingale"

From: "The Man in Black" <…>
Date: Sun Mar 12, 2006 9:19 pm
Subject: THE CASTAIGNE COLLECTION (Was Re: [dglist] gunkanjima)


The Nightingale is a life-sized, gold-plated, brass songbird on a hollow brass branch. It appears slightly tarnished but is in otherwise excellent repair. The bird's eyes are an unidentifiable blue gemstone set in ivory. The detail work on the bird is astonishing, right down to the lacework of the filigree and gilt foil feathers.

German documents concerning the Nightingale suggest that it was comissioned during the 17th century by an unknown group of patrons. These anonymous benefactors of the arts paid over twenty-three artisans to meticulously follow ancient greek plans that had reportedly been rescued centuries earlier from the Great Library of Alexandria.

The Karotechia records also indicate that no less than three scholars were found dead in the songbird's presence before study of the clockwork musical device was abandoned. Apparantly, the scholars were severely dehydrated within a very short time. The Nightningale appeared corroded and ruined to those who found the bodies, but somehow became restored to it's original condition soon thereafter. It may be that the Nightningale's song twists time in ways not readily apparant to the listeners.

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