Challenge from Beyond 2004

The Challenge from Beyond 2004 was not completed. The following is a fragment from its production process.

— Still under construction —

OK, as promised, the poll for the topic has been closed, and the winner is:
the DG probe into Britain!

To start things off we will need someone to write up a background setting.
Take a look at the original outline for CfB2003 to see what was there; not
all of it was used, but I think it was a very good foundation to start from.
My feeling is that this should be written by someone living in Britain or
with sufficient experience to fake it. Like CfB2003, it would be nice to
have all the references available (maps, names of key ministries, etc).
No reason why the person writing the background setting can't have the first
chapter, too - or any chapter, for that matter.

I would love a backup editor - basically, reading over submissions and
catching all the errors I missed. Since we're posting online we can even fix
errors after release, which is rather difficult to do in print <g>.

The following people (in no particular order) expressed interest in
contributing to CfB2004. If anyone else is interested, by all means speak up now!

Jürgen Hubert
Mark Lowell
Giles Hill
John Stanley
Dave Farnell
Laurel Halbany
Phil Ward
Allan Goodall
David Clements
Eckhard Huelshoff
Mark McFadden
Davide Mana
Jesper Anderson (can also edit)
Ivan Zhivago (can also edit)
Robert Lint (editor only)
James Knevitt (editor only)

It would be NICE to complete CfB2004 by the end of the year, but I'm not
going to get pushy about it. Likewise, there are no particular restrictions
on style or length, other than common sense. (There were a few places in
CfB2003 where I wanted longer chapters…) I will attempt to limit edits to
the minimum.

Copyright: The original deal was that CfB be made available to Pagan, in the
hope that it might bring them some cash, which could be used to feed our
need. I would like to suggest that individual authors retain copyright to
their own chapters, and that when the thing is completed we offer Scott
Glancy the option of using the work. If he likes it, everyone would transfer
ownership to Pagan with the conditions that the original author names be
retained, and Pagan has complete liberty to add, subtract and change as it
sees fit. If anyone has any objections to this (or other ideas), please
speak up!
Scott wants to read the complete CfB2003, by the way, and there is a chance
that he may ask for some similar arrangement on that. It makes sense to talk
about it this year before anyone starts writing, I figured…

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