Character creation

Character creation is the process of writing up player characters. This is described in the main Delta Green book, in the case of playing Delta Green agents.

Dave K.'s templates

copy.png Material relevant to this article has been archived by the Fairfield Project at Core book corrections discussion.

The organization listings in Appendix G of the main book contain some outdated information and misrepresentations. An attempt was made by player Dave K. to correct and update these to the year 1999, but some of these units constantly experiment with organization, many details are classified, and DG is primarily a contemporary setting in any event. Refer to Core book corrections discussion for Dave's listings. Here are his revised character creation templates for specially trained military units.

The number in parentheses is the minimum a member of that unit must have in that skill. Also, characters should have Attributes of at least 12 or above. Customizing of these templates should occur to take into account a PC's background, other military training and experiences.



Demolitions (25), Hide (30), Navigation/Land (50), Parachuting (25), Spot Hidden (50), Special Operations, Rifle (40), Machine Gun, Electronics (25-Commo Gear), Sneak.

Special Forces

Bargain, Demolitions (25), Navigation/Land (50), Parachuting (25), Special Operations, Other Language (25), Fast Talk, Persuade, plus the following based on specialty:

  • Officer: add Military Science (50)
  • Intelligence/operations: add Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Photography
  • Weapons: all Firearms Skills must be at 30+ and add mechanical repair (40)
  • Communications: add Cryptography, Electronics (40), Mechanical Repair, Electrical Repair (30)
  • Engineer: increase Demolitions to (40), Architecture, Carpentry, Mechanical Repair
  • Medical: add First Aid (60), Medicine (35), Surgery (20), Pharmacy

SFOD Delta Operator

Demolitions (30), Disguise, Drive Auto, Electronics, Parachuting (50), SCUBA (25), Special Operations, Sneak, Spot Hidden, Navigation/Land (60), Hide plus Rifle/Submachine Gun (60), Pistol (50), Shotgun (50).

Security Force Guard

Spot Hidden, Special Operations, Rifle (30), Shotgun (45), Pistol (45), Mechanical Repair.

FAST Trooper

Same as Security Force Guard above plus Submachine Gun (45).

Recon Marine (Force Recon)

Parachuting (25), SCUBA (25), Cartography, Spot Hidden (50), Navigation/Land (40), Boating (25), Demolitions (25), Hide (40), Sneak (40), Special Operations, Photography, Swim (40).


Use Force Recon above plus Electronics (30).


Special Operations, Hide (50), Sneak (50), Spot Hidden (50), Track, Rifle (60).


Boating (25), Cartography, Hide, Sneak, Spot Hidden, Parachuting (25), SCUBA (40), Special Operations, Navigation/Land (35), Navigation/Sea, Air (35), Swim (45).


Parachuting (25), SCUBA (25), Special Operations, Navigation/Land, Navigation/Sea, Air (30), Swim (30), Climb, Spot Hidden, Electronics (30), Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair.


Use CCT above, replacing Electronics, Electrical Repair and Mechanical Repair with First Aid (60), Medicine (35), Surgery (20) and Pharmacy.

SO Meteorologist

Use CCT above and add Art: Meteorology (45).

SOAR Pilot

Use Template in DG book (Pilot Helicopter: 50).


Use Template in DG book (Pilot Aircraft: 50).

New skills and mechanics

Special Operations (Base: Special)

This "Skill" is a special case. It is bought at a fixed cost of 50 Points. It represents the collection of Special Ops skills that are not already covered but would be a waste of space to break down into individual skills. The character with this skill is allowed either a Know/Idea roll to represent this specialized training or can use it as a specialized sub-skill of an existing skill. Some common uses and mechanics follow:

  • Rappelling: Can use Climb normally to represent.
  • Fast Rope: Can use Climb normally to represent.
  • Tactical Responses (properly planning raids, ambushes, etc.): Can use Know roll. This does not mean that the action itself is successful, that should be played out. It only allows the character to know the proper action for his character to take.
  • Survival: Can use Know Roll.
  • Area/Cultural/Military knowledge of a Foreign Operating Area: Allows a Know roll. Keepers may wish to limit this to the unit's area specialty.
  • Forward Observing: Allows a Know Roll to call in Artillery support. An additional Luck roll for it to hit on the target. Deviate the miss by how much the roll is failed. A 99-00 represents a "short round", on/near the team.
  • Forward Aerial Observing: As Forward Observing above but deals with Aircraft.

This list is by no means exclusive. The skill can be used for any such situation that arises.

Intelligence (Base: Special)

As Special Operations above, this skill is bought for 50 Points and represents specialized training and knowledge of intelligence gathering and operations.

Intelligence Analysis (Base: 0%)

This Skill allows a character to analyze various incoming intelligence sources and draw a coherent idea of the big picture. If successful, the roll will give the character as much information about the situation as allowed. The information may be lessened if sources are inaccurate or incomplete coming in (keeper's choice). Also, the information will only be as good as the amount received. Simple satellite pictures might show military movements or new constructions. Their purpose could then be determined but not what the intent of the owner's is. Add in reports from agents and informants and the potential analysis grows. Failure indicates flawed information of some variety. The Keeper has the final say concerning the amount and quality of information.

Skill Proficiency

The following Skills should be considered at 25% to have a basic proficiency. If used in their normal state, a skill roll is not made. Instead, make a Luck roll. If the Luck roll is successful, the skill is successful. If the roll is failed, the skill fails in some way. A roll of 99-00% represents a catastrophic failure. For example, the PC has a 25% in Demolitions. Using the skill to place a standard package of assortment of explosives to destroy something, it would be a Luck roll. If failed, the charge may fail to blow, delay its explosion or so on. A 99-00 might represent it going off in the character's hand.

The affected skill list is as follows:

  • Boating
  • Demolitions
  • Parachuting (every additional 20 Points placed into the Skill will allow an additional specialty: HALO, LALO, HAHO)

This rule only applies to standard operating use of the skill in question. The use of more advanced methods will require a skill roll. Adverse conditions might also require a skill roll. Examples would include boating in a heavy storm, HALO jumps, underwater demolitions, specialized SCUBA suits, and so on.


Friction is the military term for Murphy's Law. Before a mission, make a Luck roll versus the Luck of the lowest member of the team. If failed, something will go wrong on the mission. Some possibilities include:

  • Faulty intelligence (empty or stronger than expected)
  • Loss of supplies during infiltration (lost during jump or swamped boat, etc.)
  • Communications (or some other important piece of equipment) failure
  • Unexpected premature enemy contact
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