Christmas Mourning

Last night while mom & dad put the kids down to bed, a comet passed over the tri-county region. Power went out shortly after that, and the snow began to fall. Dad had to bundle up and go outside to the warm detached garage to bring in the hidden presents, including a new puppy that yapped endlessly at the sight of a human. The puppy sat close to dad’s chest atop the pile of presents in his big arms as he walked between the house and garage, unfortunately the “snow” landed on the young canine’s head, and began a slow almost invisible creep into the pup’s ear.

This is going to be a really bad morning for the children of the former Nellis household. The players begin the game as the Nellis children, who come down stairs to find a grisly scene in the morning. One of the presents under the tree has molted its exterior and revealed its hideous substance of indescribable horror. Small and delicate looking it waits, either one of the kids or the family pet (an aged dachshund) will be infected if the go downstairs, no chance to save.

From atop the stairs they can see blood all around the Christmas tree. The phones are out, and mom & dad cannot be found but it is safe to assume that the blood is theirs. Although there is a .38 in the master suite when the kids inevitably check their parents room, since they refuse to accept the worst.

The snow has stopped this morning, after depositing 6 feet of snow with a thin layer of albino brain chiggers on top. Courtesy of the comet. The nearest neighbor is 3 ½ miles up hill, an elderly couple. There is a fairly busy highway 5 miles downhill. Obviously the children know nothing of the albino brain chiggers. If they make a run for it and fall in the snow, or if snow falls from a tree onto their head or shoulders… sub-cutaneous squirming, a bloody ripple followed by molting on fast-forward. The thing that remains is all talon and sinew, and boy howdy is it mean.

Merry Christmas.


This is an entry to the 2016 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Will Hinds.

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