City of the Wall

What about Berlin? If the City of the Wall has no Dreamlands counterpart, then I would be very surprised… (Jurgen Hubert)

Yes, the Wall figured so much in so many dreams (and nightmares) of the Cold War era, that it would likely appear in some form, somewhere in The Dreamlands.

Given the influence of all the war movies, a Dreamlands Europe might also include some sort of Naziland, or whatever you would call it, where WWII is still being fought by armies of movie stereotypes — sort of like a cross between Valhalla and that WWII holodeck scenario on "Voyager". (Michael Layne)

If you buy Jung's assessment of the importance of Dreaming then the fascist dreamlands would likely be even MORE potent and bizarre because of everything they've repressed. (Stephen Posey)

Perhaps a different take would be that with the exception of the Nazis (who took great pains to establish themselves as a movement with deep mythic roots), most of the other fascist movements actually deeply discouraged all that airy fairy arts and dreamy stuff.

This might lead to a mutually reinforcing feedback loop: as the governmental body drives deeper into that soil of myth, it resonates more strongly in Dream. And as it resonates more energetically in Dream, it bleeds into Waking more. That's why the Nazis still bring forth more knee-jerk reactions both pro and con) than more aggressively prosaic movements that have simply crumpled and washed away, without much of a mark on the weltanshaung (sp) beyod the people who are still feeling direct effects. (Tenebrax)

Or maybe there are only brief periods of time when the Fascist Dream of the city is in command. Right in the middle of your dream actions the repressed feelings rise and for two minutes it's a Nuremberg rally, complete with torch-bearing ditch diggers and books burning. Then it gets repressed again, and everything goes back to the way it was. (Bill Waters)

Germany is mostly Berlin and it still has a wall. The Wall part of the context tends to be in B&W and at night, and espionage is the primary activity. Hamburg is the part of Berlin where the rock & roll clubs and hookers are. In the daytime men wear lederhosen and drink beer outside, served by waitresses in braids that all seem to look like the St. Pauli Girl. Accessories of evil peculiar to Germany include monocles, Heidelburg dueling scars, shaved heads, Nazi regalia. (Mark McFadden)

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