A computer is programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. In effect, it is the only general-purpose machine.

Computer crime

According to the main sourcebook, Delta Green has engaged in illegal hacking since the late 1980s, originally through Special Agent Chun-te Wu of the IRS.1 By the turn of the millennium, the utility of such techniques will have become obvious to the average agent. Constant centralization to Wu's “Tiger Teams” will have come to represent a breach in compartmentalized security. The individual cell is likely to find other methods, including outsourcing to Russian crackers:2

Basic crypter (for inserting rogue code into a benign file): $10-$30
SOCKS bot (to get around firewalls): $100
Hiring a DDoS attack: $30-$70/day, $1,200/month
Email spam: $10 per one million emails
Email spam (using a customer database): $50-$500 per one million emails
SMS spam: $3-$150 per 100-100,000 messages
Botnet: $200 for 2,000 bots
DDoS botnet: $700
ZeuS source code: $200-$500
Windows rootkit (for installing malicious drivers): $292
Hacking Facebook or Twitter account: $130
Hacking Gmail account: $162
Hacking corporate mailbox: $500
Winlocker ransomware: $10-20
Unintelligent exploit bundle: $25
Intelligent exploit bundle: $10-$3,000

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