The "Cookbook" is the moniker for a text that was given to MJ-12 by the Greys as a token of their good faith during the initial negotiations that formed the Accord. It is purported to hold the keys to all earthly biology.1

Origin and Contents

After Project SIGMA established formal communication with the Greys in 1978, when the Greys arrived in person to negotiate the Accord, they produced the Cookbook in addition to the Report as bona-fides. MJ-12 took the opportunity to verify that the documents were genuine before bringing the Accord to be finalized with the President in 1981. The original Cookbook is a physical document, over 3500 pages in length, weighing nearly 12 pounds, and bound and printed on a strange leather-like material that is always cool and clammy to the touch. It is clearly extra-terrestrial in origin.

The text within is in English, accompanied by bizarre illustrations and formula. It is dense, both stylistically as well as typographically, making for uncomfortable reading. A thorough parsing of the text could easily take a decade or more. The Cookbook contains a detailed total understanding of human genetics, as well as the keys to all earthly, and some un-earthly, biology. The techniques described in the Cookbook could allow for such feats as head transplants, a mastery of cloning and genetic engineering, and effective immortality.2


The Cookbook is mainly responsible for the advances in technology carried out by sub-project ARC DREAM. For greater ease of use, MJ-12 has published expurgated editions which focuses the contents by subject matter; the human brain, nervous system, other body systems, drugs and poisons, and extra-terrestrial biology all have dedicated break-downs.3

Due to the difficulty of working with the document, practical applications of the insights provided by the Cookbook did not even begin until 1990. However, within sub-project CATALYST, some researchers have given study of the Cookbook greater urgency, believing that the Greys are measuring the speed at which humans apply the scientific advances contained within as a sort of intelligence test.4 In fact, they were correct about the Cookbook being a test, just wrong about the nature of it - the Cookbook contains several "booby-traps" which both subtly and dramatically test the limits of the human mind. It is not clear if these "traps" are intentional or merely accidental results of the document's other-worldly authors, but they have slowed the rate at which MJ-12 is willing to deploy the results of Cookbook research.

One of the more successful uses of the Cookbook was by sub-project RICOCHET, which used the Cookbook in combination with data collected from MK ULTRA to develop a line of incredibly potent drugs. RICOCHET created chemicals capable of inducing selective amnesia, total or selective organ failure, or powerful, untraceable hallucinogens.5 These drugs, once perfected, were used to perform the brunt of Project GARNET wet-work missions.6

Current Whereabouts

It is unknown what became of the original Cookbook during the breakup of Majestic-12. It is very likely that it sits in a vault somewhere in a March Technologies facility, but it could have also fallen into the hands of some enterprising researcher for one of the many ARC DREAM sub-projects. Undoubtedly, the potent text offers great temptation to misuse the knowledge within, and when that happens again, it will be up to Delta Green to clean up the mess left behind.

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