Crystal AIs

Majestic-12 has unleashed radiant energy beings of refracted light upon the world. The Crystal Matrices are grown in complex chemical solutions which are saturated by nanotechnological agents which direct growth. The matrix never really stops growing and expands or reforms as needed.

First Generation CMAI were produced in the form of large man-sized cylinders and proved to be fragile and delicate as dense glass. Second Generation matrices can be grown in almost any shape or size, and can often be found serving as windows, or doorways. The crystals of the second generation are harder than diamond and nigh-indestructable.

Each Crystal has several specialized areas, like the biological components of the human brain. The Sentience Matrix handles higher functions such as emotion and reasoning. The Interface Matrix is a complicated fiber-optic bundle which connects to conventional computer networks or peripherals. The Computation Matrix is a binary processor which is structured in such a way as to be capable of near infinite recursion.

There are also other, less well understood portions of the Crystal Matrix which defy explanation. Foremost among these is the Superluminal Matrix which generates an indescribable, almost colorless radiance which is not based on photons, but rather tachyons or some other unknown quantum particle.

There is a peculiar psychological dissonance at work when this author examines the Crystal Matrix technology. Although I have corroborated the claims of the ETHOS AI's, it seems plausible to the point of inevitablity that the crystal matrix is yet another Mi-Go deception. I imagine the Brain Carbon transfers to instantly educate the first CMAI's could and should have been compromised by the Mi-Go.

This is how CMAI can pass the Turing test so easily, they are a mask for an alien intelligence. If this is the case, then everything the ETHOS have been trying to accomplish is a lie. Perhaps both the ETHOS and the Mi-Go are using the crystal matrix as a front to manipulate events toward their own enigmatic goals.

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