Cthugha-based missions
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Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 3:34 AM
To: Steve Dustin
Subject: Re[2]: DG: Pagan's take on the Grail

Hello Steve,

Friday, November 10, 2000, 8:49:52 AM, you wrote:

Feel free to email me about any detail you need about Israel.

I ran a DGish scenario in a local tournament, a few months back. The gist of it was that, in 1943-45, the Nazis were trying to summon fire vampires and Cthugha (the military implications are obvious). They forced occultists from all over Europe to help them decipher the text;
among them was Dr. Amos Funkelstein, a noted Jewish cryptographer and occultist. He tricked his captors, fed them the summoning spell, kept the binding and banishing parts to himself, and, when Cthugha was summoned in April 1945, took control of him, and leveled the concentration camp where he, and his compatriots, were held. He then banished the monstrosity.

The Americans took the place a few days later, and the intelligence officer interviewed Funkelstein and his friends, who told him everything. He considered them mad, and did not submit the reports he wrote to headquarters, keeping them to himself.

44 years passed. Funkelstein emigrated to Israel, as did most of his survivor friends, but some went to the States. In January, 1999, the American intelligence officer died, and his papers were sent to the archives… where a DG operative saw them. The implications were terrible: there were 8 living people who knew how to summon Cthugha. They had to be silenced.

The two survivors still living in the US suffered quiet road accidents. However, six of the survivors lived in Israel, and DG was loath to operate there; the damage to Israeli-Americans relations, should American agents be found murdering Israeli citizens - and what's more, holocaust survivors - was impossible to calculate.

So they turned to General Thomas Rosenblatt (The Fate, pg. 86-7), and explained the situation. They promised help in the future to the Mossad, if the Mossad will take those people out. The Mossad agreed.

Trying to kill two birds with one stone, the Mossad operatives decided to disguise the killings of the survivors as neo-Nazi attacks, thus increasing that special blend of paranoia and xenophobia peculiar to Israelis.

Five victims later, the country is in an uproar. The police, known for its incompetence, has to admit that it faces either a neo-Nazi cell or a serial murderer - and it's incapable of dealing with either. A special team is created, composed of police, GSS, and Department of Justice specialists (the investigators, who else?).

The last man alive is Funkelstein, and he has flipped. Seeing his friends' pictures in the papers, murdered with Nazi symbols all around them, he thinks he is, again, in Nazi Germany. He knows what to do: he will summon Cthugha again, and this time, he will not banish it.

We ran the game twice. When I ran it, it ended with Haifa as a smoking ruin, but Cthugha was banished (one investigator managed to survive). When Dicky, my friend, ran it, the investigators insisted on going head's on with the Mossad, and ended dying messy deaths - and the country was destroyed.

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