Cult of Self

I've has something of an idea called the Cult of Self, which to be honest due to the lack of specifics on the COT, could be the same or different: something on the lines of a Fight Club type subcultural cult, with a very obvious manifestation of Nyarlathotep going around cities in the West, telling nobodies why they are unspecial and irrelevant, destroying their notions of self-identity, only for them, lacking any form of moral or social doctrinal code or dogma of action, turn into a nice cult of Nyarlathotep, albeit one without religious notions and more a base self-awareness ideals and anarchic tendencies.

Again, Fight Cult if you want to call it that, but without the specific medium of violence: more Nyarlathotep coming up to you while you're somewhat enjoying lukewarm milky tea in a cafe in Newcastle on a damp Thursday afternoon in the form of an unremarkable but charismatic person, who asks "is anyone sitting there?" (which there never is, due to the quagmire and needless anguish of relationships in this meaningless cosmos), he sits, pulls out a paper, goes "tut tut" about some article on unemployment, and proceeds on his rant, which invisibly mutates into a mindwarping flux which consumes the superego of the individual cornered. A cult of quasi-intellectualism, social ennui and apathy with no strict form of ideology bar the notion of the irrelevance of the human individual. Thus, a nice smattering of reasonably competent and entirely mallable minions, one or two of which might transcend to Godhood.

Based on material submitted to the DGML by the Nuge.

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