Cuneiform D

In 1936, on an archaeological expedition to the ruined city of El Qishara, Kuwait, Dr. Wilhelm Krieger of the University of Heidelberg discovered a massive (36 pound) clay tablet which the team dated as originating from pre-Sumerian times. The tablet was covered in a bizarre sort of cuneiform and was touted by Dr. Krieger as a revolutionary find which would change perceptions of Middle Eastern civilization forever.

In 1995, the Russian-American archaeologist Dr. Julia Baydukova re-examined Dr. Krieger's "pre-Sumerian" cuneiform tablet. The tablet was greatly discredited by the archaeological community when she pointed out that the hieroglyphs were very similar to the Atlantean language described by Theosophist H.P. Blavatsky and did not deserve to be taken seriously as an indicator of Mesopotamian history.

The tablet can be deciphered by Atlantean Senzar or Sumerian Cuneiform rolls. It is a religious text and grimoire, dealing with the worship of the storm-god Pazuzu, demonized in conventional mythology.

Study of Cuneiform D grants experience checks to History, Mythology, and Theology.

Spells: Calling Up of the Eagle (Call/Dismiss Pazuzu), Enchant the Eagle's Graven Image (Enchant Pazuzu Amulet), Strike Fear Into Your Enemies (Implant Fear), Calling Up of the Eagle's Children (Summon/Bind Utukku).

(0/1D3 sanity; +1 Mythos; x3 spells; 17 weeks.)

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