What it is and how it is made

This substance is the result of a failed synthesis of MDMA (Ecstasy, X, etc) being dumped on a pile of refuse from a Mescaline synthesis. This mess would have never spontaneously crystallized had not the chemist attempted to dilute the unholy mess in the bin with Ethyl Alcohol in an attempt to reduce his sentence when his door was kicked in.

When the waste bin was moved by the evidence techs, the agitation finished the synthesis and the resulting mild heat from the chemical reaction evaporated the alcohol during transit.

The cyclopropylmethyl group usually plays an antagonistic role in narcotics, but can do interesting to codeine, e.g.:

What occurred in this difficult-and-unlikely-to-be-recreated synthesis was the amphetamine-hallucinogen desired has been rather unfortunately amplified by the CPM molecule. Microgram doses will give desirable effects, but the can is quite full, with at least 4 full grams of raw product.

What it does and how much you have to take

In 75 mcg doses, the experience can be quite pleasant, and comes on quite slowly. The high can barely be noticed, unless the subject is an experienced 'psychonaut.' There is a bit of a body high, but nothing that the average coffee-drinker hasn't experienced, and any hallucinations are of a body-based revelatory nature, e.g. ('I've been eating
far too much junk food and my body doesn't like that,' or 'This new yoga program I'm doing is exactly what is needed right now,' or 'I really must quit smoking right away!') Someone with an undetected cancer or life-threatening disease is now very, very aware of this fact, and loses 1D4 SAN. Anyone currently inhabited by a Mythos entity (Eihort’s spawn, a Shan, etc) is horribly aware of it for the next 8-16 hours, and may do horrible things to themselves in order to purge themselves. Bear in mind this level of dose could easily be accidentally aspirated from merely disturbing the raw drug.

Higher doses are never lethal, but paradoxically delay the onset of effects. A 75 mg dose would take almost a week to 'hit.' The effects last for a very long time, about two weeks. The body-revelations are continuous and unceasing, and concern everything from grooming and posture to intestinal motility and hormone precursor ingestion in the diet. These revelations could cause some SAN loss in any culture or individual that is phobic of bodily functions. Any individual experienced with Biofeedback techniques, an experienced Yogi, a highly-trained Martial Artist, etc. (over 50%) can roll on these skills as if they 'checked' them in the process of use, and any gains in skill are permanent. IF you are using the 90% skill level sanity rules, do not allow the drug to increase a skill past 85%. Other effects are similar to the lower dose.

When doses higher than 200 milligrams are taken, the user will not experience any effects for a month, at which time the true nature of their body is revealed to them over the course of the next three months. If the subject has no Cthulhu Mythos skill points, this eruption of genetic memory is quite confusing, and while the subject is certainly psychotic for the duration, they may (with proper care and administration of anti-psychotics) come out of the trip with only a powerful sense of biophilia and mild messianic tendencies.

Any users who have CM points, however, understand the strange whispers of the diverse parts of body – especially the parts that remember when they were introduced by the Elder Things, the tampering of the Fungi, and any distant heritage from the Deep Ones, the Voormis, Ghoul genetic expression or the inhabitants of N’Kai. A SAN loss of 0/1-6 for each *day* without antipsychotics should be appropriate.

Again, any experience with this kind of 'shamanistic journey' may partially mitigate the effects.

If a metamorphosis is in the wings for a subject, this level of dose certainly triggers it. If a POT 5 check is * failed* apply the following effects:

1. If the subject has any kind of cancer, any sort of implant (human or otherwise,) or any kind of chronic disease, the disease is cured and the implant expelled or digested. (Depending on the individual, a SAN loss or gain might be appropriate)

a. Note that any artificial organs will be rejected, and no organs will grow back. However, organs that have been transplanted will be “overwritten” and be indistinguishable form the subjects DNA, blood type, etc.

2. Add an additional 4d6 years to the subject's lifespan, and remove any current penalties for aging.

3. Any organic addictions are cured, and replaced with a life-threatening allergy to the substance in question, whether it is alcohol, heroin or anything in-between.
a. Note that this does not cure any psychological aspect of the addiction.

Story ideas

A)The evidence vault is raided by a desperate-for-a-fix cop (perhaps a DG-friendly), who winds up taking a massive dose when no high is immediately forthcoming. With the speed of the American justice system, the chemist is still awaiting trial when the cop goes into the loony bin, speaking in languages no human ear has heard for thousands of years, picks his pacemaker out of a scab on his chest, and has more than a few insulin comas until the staff realizes that the cop no longer has diabetes, and his CBC counts keep coming back as “an extremely healthy 18 year old,” even though the cop is 42.

a. If the agents are able to determine the source, one can only imagine the uses for persons infected with protomatter, and I imagine that Professor Emerson would be very interested in getting a sample.

b. OUTLOOK might be interested in a powerful, slow-onset hallucinogen.

c. The aging Nazis in the Karotechia may hear of this new drug

d. The aging high-level members of DG herself may be tempted into using the drug, not knowing what happens to those who have seen what they have.

B) The evidence technicians in the case quit without explanation, and surface later as the leaders of a Casteneda-style movement with a bizarre cosmology and creation myths that require investigation.

C) Of course, the easy one is that the raid was a false alarm, and the chemist discovered the crop & crystals in the refuse, and in the process of harvesting them out, got the low dose trip. He and his immediate group take this low-dose without major incident (in the style of peyote ceremonies) until an impatient user takes too much and changes into a Voormis/Ghoul/whatever within a week.


1 In case you don't know, a common DEA and Police procedure is to take everything solid from an illicit lab and label it 'Drugs,' and everything liquid and label it "Drugs in various stages of development."

2 A CON check against a POT 14 could halve the duration. Alternatively, the subject could attempt a roll against Pharmacology, Drug Culture, or any similar skill, to reflect experience with these sorts of chemicals.

Contributed by Robert Lint to the DGML.

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