Dawn of the Lambs
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What Players Know

A-cell has submitted the name and a photograph of Charles Winston, a retired FBI agent now living in Chicago.

Charles Winston is an “ex-cultist”. The group of dead group of mythos-lovers was destroyed 4 years ago by Delta Green. He’s been allowed to live in order to track the other surviving cultists that are trying to recreate the group.

Winston’s value is next to nothing. He was contacted and recruited by the cult members just few months before the DG attack, while under surveillance by Delta Green.

Today Winston made a step that A-Cell will not permit: he wants to publish a story about his presence in the cult and his knowledge of Delta Green. No one knows how he discovered the information about the conspiracy, but A-Cell will not risk a major information outbreak.

A-Cell sends the players to resolve the problem

1: Deride and ridicule the story. Someone such as his wife or the editor knows the truth behind Winston’s stories and would try to defend his theories. Create a scandal that would destroy Winston’s credibility. Retrieve any written information about Delta Green and the Mythos from his home.

2: Eliminate the target. Make it look like a suicide directly connected to the scandal.

A-cell advises the players that Winston knowledge about DG is deep and that he can use this information against them.

This is a major operation as the whole DG conspiracy is in danger.

What Keeper Knows

Charles Winston is a former DG operative from O-Cell, code named Oscar. He was with Delta Green for over 10 years. He has killed, tortured, and kept it quite - the perfect agent. That is, until A-Cell asked him to eliminate the head of a gang. The target was a 14 year old boy, dedicated to raping girls in the name of Charles Manson. Agent Oscar could not bring himself to assassinate a child. It was too much.

A-Cell knew this child was the embodiment of Nyarlathotep, but the agent did not. Winston went AWOL, dropped contact with his cell, threw away his phone and dedicated what was left of his life to his family. After a year, DG became more obsessive about the Winston case. There is too much information known by one man. If interrogated, the whole conspiracy risks a major information outbreak. Too many lives depend on Winston’s silence.

Today, Winston is worried about his family.

Too many cars have been spotted and too many “old folks” are around. There’s something very strange in the air to Winston. The only way to keep his family safe is to risk everything: publish his entire knowledge of Delta Green in a book in order to gain visibility. Become prominent enough that killing him would be an even greater risk to the conspiracy.

DG cannot permit this publication. The elimination of an agent has not been planned since 1980, but extreme risk, requires extreme countermeasures.

Winston must be silenced.

Obviously, there are better agents ready to do this dirty work instead of the players, but too many know Agent Oscar and would hesitate. A cover up story has been created by Alphonse and sent via secure mail to the players.

Development of the story

This story will be an emotional mess for the players.

Use every inch of heart you have to defend Winston. Let him be the lamb. Use the children and the wife to paint him as an innocent and make the players feel uncomfortable about A-cell’s choice. There are no major mythos threats around, just men, feelings, and emotions. Should the players take the risk to defend Winston, even against A-cell, he may become suicidal (or even commit suicide) due to the crisis.

This can be a bomb in player’s hearts if you play it with the right passion.

Warning: This scenario can be highly destructive for the player’s and their belief in DG.

This scenario fits perfectly into 1-2 evenings of game play; however you can stretch it however you need in order to fit it into your current games.


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