Deep Fiction

The agents in this op are agents already being investigated for criminal activity associated with earlier operations performed for Delta Green. They have been handpicked and put together in Cell V for this op, at least one of them is a woman in her mid 30s.

You are not going to jail

The agents are briefed by Agent Donnovan in preparation for the op in a discrete location such as at the side of an isolated road. They are given the following information:

The criminal investigations into the assembled agents' criminal activity is putting the organisation in danger of exposure. Delta Green therefore needs to make it appear that the agents are killed while they commit a specific crime, this will allow friendlies inside the federal government to take over all investigations into the agents and make clues leading to Delta Green disappear. Decoy bodies have already been acquired and a coroner friendly to and blackmailed by Delta Green will identify the bodies as the agents and then have them ”accidentally” cremated.

The plan is to frame the agents for being involved in large scale drug dealing in the small town of Bowie Creek close to the Mexico–United states border and burn down a small building with the decoy bodies inside. This will allow the agents to go into deep cover and perform one last job for the organisation. If the deep cover operation ends successfully the agents will be given new lives and identities in Mexico where they are expected to keep quiet and lie low.

That one last job

During the last 12 months Delta Green have arrived at the homes of five suspected sorcerers in Texas only to find that the suspects have packed up and left. When interviewed by investigators neighbors, employers and others report contact with so-called ”Men in black” right before the disappearances. The ”MIB:s” have acted like they do in UFO lore: flashing FBI badges, wearing dark suits, speaking with strange accents and acting weirdly. The sorcerers seem to have packed bags and to have left with the MIB:s willingly or at least without putting up a struggle, they have taken all occult paraphernalia with them or destroyed it.

A man named Richard Ogden has been found killed in a motel room in Bowie Creek. At first the death seemed to be natural but it quickly turned out this wasn’t the case when the body started leaking. The local coroner found that all of the man's internal organs were liquified and torn apart with no entry wounds and no damage to the skin or other external parts of the body. He is obviously killed by sorcery. Richard was an investigator for the IRS and his casenotes indicate that he was investigating a woman named Iris Johnsson for tax fraud when he was killed. Iris has had contact with one of the disappeared sorcerers and is rumored to lead a cult of sorcerers. Iris is notoriously paranoid and no picture of her is known to exist, she is supposed to be 34 years old but no other information about her is known. Iris has been determined to be the killer and a sorcerer by another Delta Green cell.

The mission is to infiltrate the organisation that recruits the sorcerers, determine the extent and nature of their operations and when they are fully understood report back to A-Cell and if possible destroy the infiltrated organisation. Agent Donnovan suggests assassinating Iris and her cult before posing as them and being recruited by the MIB:s.

What is going on?

The organisation recruiting the sorcerers is a private military contractor and security company known as the Hyperion corporation. Their leadership has had their minds replaced by members of the great race of Yith. Their CEO is Leonard Green and he has used the company's resources to recruit sorcerers. The Men In Black are employees of the Hyperion corporation recruited from rural areas of Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia with little knowledge of american cultural norms and customs which explains their weird behaviors when posing as FBI agents. They are led in the field by Otis Young, a middle manager in the company and a member of the great race of Yith.

Hyperion's recruitment of the sorcerers works like this: The sorcerers are investigated and then contacted by the MIB:s, impressed by Otis great knowledge of hypergeometry or knowledge about the nature of the universe, warned that less friendly conspiracies will be on the hunt for them and then offered paychecks, safe places to live, access to more knowledge and all the resources they need for their sorcerous works if they help Hyperion with a special project.

After being recruited the sorcerers are transported in luxury sedans to a hidden underground facility in the Arizona desert. The facility is built as an ”apocalypse bunker” for the super rich of the sort that have started appearing due to anxieties about global warming. The facility is luxurious with private suites, swimming pools, tennis courts, an impressive occult library and skilled chefs. It is also heavily guarded at all times by a guardforce of Hyperion personnel that have 30 trained and armed soldiers in the facility at all times.

In the lowest level of the facility is the machine known as the ”Shungi portal”, a standing ring of stonelike and unidentifiable material. The portal was made by the Flying polyps 500 million years ago and allows for physical travel into the Dreamlands. The portal can only be opened by a Yithian using their unique forms of hypergeometry. Traveling through the portal causes 1/1d4 Sanity damage and the loss of 0/1d4 HP for any human that is unable to cast at least one spell. Their brain's biochemistry is not adapted to being able to use the portal. If a member of the great race of Yith passes through the portal their mind is instantly destroyed, this is why they have recruited sorcerers to do their bidding.

The sorcerers are given plenty of free time to work on their own projects and are given (supervised) leave every 4 months. But once each month they are sent through the portal to retrieve items or creatures from the Dreamlands. The purpose of this is for the great race of Yith to gain a greater understanding of the Dreamlands. It is a pure research project. When they are satisfied they will let all surviving sorcerer's go and give all other personel hush money. Troublemakers will be eliminated.

The agents will be sent on missions to the tunnels under the Dreamlands to kidnap ghouls, this is because Iris Johnsson is a renowned expert on them and their habits in sorcerer circles.

The sorcerers already working for Hyperion

Velma Hauffman was part of a satanic group who stumbled over real power when they managed to contact some sort of spirit. The rest of the group killed themselves after going insane. Velma managed to keep a hold of a shred of sanity. She knows the spell Bind enemy. She is often sent to retrieve objects of occult power.

Tabatha Barr is an parapsyhologis who’s research lead her down dark paths. She murdered her lover by pushing the other woman through a portal to an alien world. She knows the spells Find gate and Open gate. She is often sent to look for other ways to enter the dimension.

Santiago Lynch was a part of a Dagon cult wiped out by Majestic 12 in the 80s. He is obsessed with sexual intercourse with Deep Ones and deeply admires Deep one hybrids. He knows the spells Flesh ward and Summon Deep Ones. He is sent to infiltrate cults.

Fred Harris worships Azathoth like his parents before him. He is almost completely mentaly inhuman. He knows the spell Shrivelling. He is sent to speak with inhuman creatures.

Duy Phan is a young man who learnt to heal by listening to voices in his dreams. After having saved the life of a coworker at the building site he worked at after an accident he was investigated by Delta Green. This attention scared him and caused him to accept Hyperions offer of employment. He is almost completely sane. He knows the spell Healing. He is sent to buy wares from traders.

Missions in the Dreamlands

The agents will be sent into nightmarish, lightless, damp and hot tunnels crawling with ghouls. Their first mission will be to bring back a dead ghoul through the portal. Subsequent missions will be to capture living ghouls.

Solving the problem

Solving the problem completely requires doing 3 things:

  1. Destroy the Shungi portal.
  2. Kill Otis Young and Leonard Green.
  3. Kill (or recruit as a friendly in the case of Duy) the sorcerers.

Iris Johnsson

Knows a variant of the spell Shrivelling that destroys a target's organs from the inside. She lives with two cultists that cannot cast spells.


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Sebastian Lindeberg

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