Deep Ones

The Deep Ones are an amphibious race. Their operation at Innsmouth was the first officially noticed Mythos activity and lead to the formation of Delta Green.

Delta Green has lost much of its knowledge of Deep Ones, thanks in part to Daniel Fries going insane and destroying records, and the loss of the ICE CAVE. Black Cod society in Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity represents an opportunity to learn more than ever.

Utilising the Deep Ones

The Handlers Guide has some tips for the depiction of the Deep Ones in a game of Delta Green.

  • Secrets of the Deep Ones: Even Delta Green, who has been fighting the Deep Ones in one incarnation or another for almost a century, is unaware that the monsters they have seen are not the true specimens of the Deep One species. Delta Green is unaware of the existence of the Greater Deep Ones or that the specimens that they have encountered are only vessels with which to spread the Deep One's foul influence.
  • Alien Natures: The Deep Ones, and their hybrids far along into their transformation, are truly alien in mind and thought to normal humans. To truly become one with the Deep Ones is to abandon any semblance of morality, order or sanity. For the Deep Ones brutal violence is the most expedient answer to any and all questions.
  • Immortals: For all their brutality, the Deep Ones are still intelligent creatures with goals and plans unknown to human-kind. The Greater Deep Ones are effectively immortal, giving them endless time to think and re-think their plans. The passing of years is irrelevant to a Greater Deep One and their plans can often stretch over centuries or millennia; what Delta Green might think is the Deep Ones true intentions could in fact be nothing more than a thousand-year long diversion.
  • No Upper Limit: No record of observing a Greater Deep Ones has ever made it into the hands of Delta Green and so this might leave an Agent with the impression that their size is roughly comparable to their lesser brethren. This is not the case. A true Greater Deep One has no upper limit in its size, growing constantly throughout its life. A specimen as old as Dagon, Mother Hydra and He-Who-Swims-With-Corpses are upwards of six metres in height, and there is nothing to indicate that they are the largest of their species.


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