Delta Green

Choose federal law enforcement. Choose the military. Choose NASA or the CDC. Choose lying to your superiors. Choose to ruin your career. Choose no friends. Choose divorce. Choose life through the bottom of a bottle. Choose destroying evidence and executing innocent people because they know too fucking much. Choose black fatigues and matching gas masks. Choose an MP5 stolen from the CIA loaded with glasers, with a wide range of fucking attachments. Choose blazing away at mind-numbing, sanity-crushing things from beyond the stars, wondering whether you'd be better off stuffing the barrel in your own mouth. Choose The King in Yellow and waking up wondering who you are. Choose a 9mm retirement plan. Choose going out with a bang at the end of it all, PGP-encrypting your last message down a securely laid cable as an NRO Delta wetworks squad busts through your door.

Choose one last Night at the Opera.

Choose Delta Green.

Delta Green may refer to:

  • The RPG which this entire wiki is about.
    • Within the RPG setting, Delta Green is the conspiracy player characters are expected to participate in.
    • A World War II-era security classification for intelligence materials and personnel, indicated by a green triangle.
  • The Delta Green Partnership which produced the RPG.
  • The 1997 sourcebook about the RPG, as distinct from later books like Delta Green: Countdown.
  • A ground beetle (external link), now critically endangered.
  • A housing co-op in British Columbia, Canada, for some reason.
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