Delta Green (book)

Delta Green is the name of a 1997 Call of Cthulhu sourcebook. It expanded upon the existing material about the Delta Green group and its opponents, consolidating this into a setting.

Historical errors

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The handouts in DG state that orders were cut on 12 Feb 1942 to move P Division into the OSS, but the OSS wasn't created until June 1942. Before this date, Donovan headed the Office of Coordinator of Strategic Information (COI), which grew out of his trips before US involvement in the war to Europe to study the Nazi 5th Columns. Returning, the COI was formed in June of 1941, to study and prepare propaganda studies and lay the formation for the Intelligence organizations of America. The OSS absorbed its parent organization and the rest is history. Solutions to the date problem:

  1. Ignore it. If your players aren't likely to catch it, don't worry.
  2. White-out. Use if your players will catch this.
  3. Have it be caught. The document is generally accurate but changed on purpose as part of a disinformation campaign by DG to hide in plain sight. Conspiracy buffs and others who might go public with the document are easily dismissed this way. The specific date planted in their copy may allow Cell A to trace the leak.
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