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The Delta Green Mailing List or DGML is currently a Yahoo! Group functioning primarily as a LISTSERV-like mailing list with an unorganized file repository. An earlier incarnation was founded in the 1990s, whereas the current incarnation dates back to May 15, 2003. On average, between 2003 and 2012, there have been about 10 messages on the list per day. A digest format is available.


Roughly every year, there is an open contest on the list to write shotgun scenarios.

Themes proposed for future contests

  • PISCES or GRU SV-8 (or perhaps even fan-made groups such as Kurotokage or Xianfeng).
  • The Hasturian Vibe as developed by John Tynes.
  • Mythos entities, gods or other elements that have been thus far unexplored in the canon (Elder Things, Lloigor, Sand Dwellers, Yadithians, the K'n-yan, etc).
  • Most horrifying cult in 1500 words.
  • Scenario-seeding news story, real or fictional.
  • A specific spell.

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