Previously regarded as nothing more than a relatively harmless, natural hallucinogen, DMT-7 is in fact something far more dangerous. The drug is distributed in pill form and the ingredients are similar to both Extacy and LSD but with one unknown component. This unknown component shares similarities with the unknown component found in Reverb, only not vegetable based but mineral based.


Use of DMT-7 results in a considerable amount of seemingly incoherent babbling on the part of the drug's user. Only to the initiated ear it is not babbling but in fact one of the oldest languages in the world, namely Aklo.

Aklo is a dark and almost forgotten language used by certain ancient evil cults and sects. Some sources claim that Aklo is the written language of the serpent people. Many sorcerers are of the opinion that magic spells cast in this ancient language are easier to cast and more powerful and for this reason DMT-7 is sought after and wildly used by magic-users worldwide.


The drug became highly popular through the success of the Heavy Metal band The Ulthar Cats and its female lead singer Randolph Carter. Many of its fans use this drug during concerts so they can better understand the lyrics and be swept away on a wave of primitive urges. You have never seen a mosh pit until you have seen the fans of the Ulthar Cats, high on DMT-7 trashing about in front of Club Zothique's podium

The drug is distributed only in one location, namely Club Zothique "an amphetaminefield of concussive music and light, full of underage heat" located in an old church in Red Hook, Brooklyn. And only through one person, the mysterious Johnny Carcosa, who looks like a young man but is in fact over 40 years old and who wears a veil that covers the lower half of his face.


DMT-7 is a POT 15 drug which opens a link between the user's most ancient DNA strands and the user's mind. These ancient genes share similarities with those of the ancient Serpentmen and because of this the user will start thinking and talking in the forgotten language Aklo (base change Read/Write/Speak Aklo is KNOWx5) for a period of the user's KNOW in minutes.

Because Man was not meant to think and speak in this language the user suffers 1D6 SAN for the mental excercise it costs to comprehend this language, every time he uses the drug. Another effect is that because of the link between his primitive genes the user is prone to react in a primitive, bestial way when provoked (POW versus POT to resist these urges).


Statted for CoC by Donato Ranzato, this interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's “Aklo” is taken directly from Alan Moore's The Courtyard.

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