Do Not View

TRIGGER WARNING: This scenario contains violent and sexual materials that may not be suitable for certain individuals. Proceed with caution.

Special thanks to Bret Kraemer

The Hook

Serving as a prequel to Last Things Last, Do Not View tells the story of how a certain tape comes into the possession of Clyde Braugman.

The Mission

Delta Green gets wind of a VHS tape making the rounds through the black market. The tape depicts the summoning of Y’gonolac and its subsequent escape into the night. The agents are charged with tracking down the tape and containing it and attempting to find the human surrogate for Y’gonolac and destroying it.

The setting is meant to be during the cowboy era, serving as a prequel to Last Things Last. It can be adapted to occur during DG’s reactivation.

The Call

This mission comes straight from a cell leader contacting one of the player characters who is taking the role of the cell leader. In the form of an e-mail, dead drop, aptly worded phone call, etc. Modify the mission briefing to your tastes. The following bullet points should be included as a necessity.

Recent burglary at Dandridge residence. Reason to believe stolen VHS tape containing highly dangerous materials has been removed. Find tape, contain bogeys, and destroy origin if possible. 

After receiving the briefing from the cell leader, agents in the area begin to make arrangements to “take time off work” and conduct the investigation.


Information regarding the burglary can be discovered through conventional means, but lawyers and fixers have seen to the limit of press information available to agents. Digging deeper through skill usage may yield pertinent information, specifically that Bernard Dandridge and his residence were the scene of the crime and that he himself is also one of the deceased.

Information related to Bernard Dandridge:

  • Turned a free love movement into a Ponzi-type scheme which he used to fund various investments that led to his fortune. Accounting 60%
  • Enjoyed spending his money on sexcapades and pleasure. Definitely had a propensity for the unusual and the outlandish. Psychotherapy 60%
  • Criminology 60% (Same character or shared information) reveals that it’s a high possibility for someone can turn violent during sexual encounters if they’re seeking more sexual thrills for as long as he has.
  • Recently settled out of court lawsuit with several women who have accused him of sexual abuse and misconduct during his personal soirees. Law 20%

The Mansion

After preliminary investigations and introductions (if necessary), the agents can rally and begin to head out to the crime scene, Bernard Dandridge’s residence. It’s an opulent place with several floors or a McMansion in some eyes.

The Interview

Bernard Dandridge is a very private and confrontational person when it comes to his property. He feels violated, agitated, and demands action. Unfortunately, Dandridge is not forthcoming with the contents of the tape and only states that he is a collector of “classical” pornography and the tape was one of them. Persuade roll to convince Dandridge to be more forthcoming and he will provide the following:

  • Dandridge had procured the tape at an auction held in the Hamptons. He doesn’t divulge where or who runs it and only mentions that affluent individuals are invited on a regular basis.
  • The tape is a “voyeur’s fancy” and was taped in secret at a strip club. There are no details on the videographer.
  • Dandridge will broadly describe the tape’s content and how remark how unusual it was at the end. Unnatural roll to recognize Y’gonolac’s name (SAN check 1/1d4)
  • Dandridge also reveals that he recently had a viewing of the tape three nights ago and there was one particular man, Reginald Caldwell, who was particularly intrigued by it.


Optional issue: A local PD cruiser stops by and checks if the agents need any assistance. He’s all too eager to attempt to assist, but in doing so, can easily blow the agents’ cover, especially if he decides to report his activities. 

After leaving the mansion, all agents may make an Alertness test to discover they’re getting tailed. Whatever the driver attempts to do, the follow vehicle will give Chase. If the agents are successful in escaping their pursuers, they can regroup at a place of their choosing. Alertness during the chase will allow them identify at least 3 people in the pursuing vehicle (a fancy sedan).

If the Agents are successful, the chase concludes with a dramatic flip and crash of the pursuing vehicle in a grass field. With the risk of the men (and any potential leads) of going up in smoke, the Agents will have to work fast and attempt to rescue the men out of the car. Strength x5 (can be aided) checks will be required to manhandle the victims out of the wreck in the nick of time. Upon failure, the Agents will still be able to acquire the evidence, but they will still make a SAN check (1/1d6) from witnessing men dying of smoke inhalation and burns.

The same check will be required if the Agents decide to just kill the victims and search them afterward with SAN checks being required (1/1d6). 

If the Agents decide to leave the men alive, they will have to get them out of the way by making a call to a Friendly to “store” them or other ingenuitive thinking. 

One of the men is dead outright and the other two are badly wounded. The agents can attempt to Interrogate (+20%, if using First Aid as a crutch) the men for information. A Search will yield a salvaged phone from one of the men containing a few recent text messages of interest.

Upon interrogation, the man will reveal the following information:

In the order of most recent.

  • Kill them. I don’t care who they work for. They can’t know I have the tape. When you’re done with them, kill him.
  • There are some feds here talking to Dandridge.
  • Make sure to check on Dandridge. I don’t want him doing anything stupid after what happened the other night.
  • Pick up the case of champagne over at the [generic booze store]. It’s already been paid for. DON’T FORGET THE RECEIPT AGAIN.

The Booze Store

The obvious lead to follow will take the Agents to an alcoholic beverage supply where the Agents can infer about the champagne purchase. Russell Wallace, the clerk will be a little reticent to provide detailed information regarding a purchase, but any persuasive means is enough to get him to fold and give up the goods to avoid any legal trouble. The Agents will be able to leave with the credit card billing information.

Running Caldwell’s Information will only require a Bureaucracy roll, Law roll, or SIGINT roll detailing his name, address, credit history, and a sealed criminal record (No amount of skill will be able to unseal it in time).

Arriving to Caldwell’s domicile will reveal it to be empty, but with many signs of recent departure. Searching the home (taking approximately 1 hour, halved if there is a critical success) will reveal the most obvious answer to be a photograph of a ranch where Caldwell and several other men are standing in front of. SIGINT 60% can process the photograph (or the Agents may attempt to contact a Friendly) and determine an approximation of the ranch being within 40 miles of the house in very rural countryside.

If you are playing a Program game, have an Agent make a Luck roll to find out if a QRF (Quick Response Force) team of six is available and make a Bureaucracy or Law roll to attempt to recruit them for a raid. 

Either way, they will need to start getting over there. Drive checks will be required if the Agents are going fast and will be required once they go off-road and don’t possess the appropriate vehicle. It will be nightfall when they get closer to the scene and the Agents will be forced to exit their vehicle and proceed on foot.

Strike Team Approach

You can play this out as tactically or as violently as you want. Make SAN checks as necessary for violence. Unfortunately, the strike team might prove to be more of a liability than anything else during this scenario.

The Ritual

The ranch appears occupied, with lights on and a lingering sort of calliope music droning on in the background, but there is nobody within the area. Clearing the house will yield no hostiles or suspects. There are a few ATVs parked nearby and there are off-road worthy vehicles, as well.

Alertness rolls reveal there is a separate kind of noise coming from a bit behind the cabin. Should the Agents attempt to flank the ranch house, they will see there is an elaborate sort of outdoor theatre setup. There is a powerful projector placed on the back patio of the ranch house and very large improvised screen several feet away with speakers on either side of it. 

Agents with NODs (Night Observation Devices) will be able to see 2d10 individuals (including Caldwell) present. Some robed, some naked, and some engaged in sex. Either way, all of them are focused on the screen (Players will catch the ritual from the unlabeled VHS tape at 03:01)

SAN checks are now required (3/1d10)

If the Agents decide to stick around to watch the remainder of the tape (which is still a bad idea), they will be distracted by the violence occurring within the field as the individuals gathered are now engaged in a medley of mayhem, sex, and depravity. (Explain it like the distress tape from Event Horizon, but much, much worse). All Agents who witness the madness get a glimpse of a person or two’s bodies malforming and contorting in terrible ways. Bloating out and heads that get absorbed by the mass that is now their upper torso. SAN check (1/1d8).

Strike Team Option

The team and agents will happen upon this at the same time, with the strike team flanking on an opposite side of the ranch house. Have each Agent roll Luck. The number of failures will equal the team members who will be lost to madness.

Hopefully, the Agents will remember (Int x5) they need to grab the tape from the projector (Dex x5) or destroy it beyond repair, and then, most likely, get the hell out of Dodge. Savvy players might attempt to commandeer one of the vehicles (Heavy Machinery) or just attempt to flee back to their vehicles (Con x5). 

So long as the Agents possess the tape, they will have removed the larger threat. Who knows what to say about the several avatars running around in the country, though…If the Agents decide to play at being heroes and either attempt to kill the avatars of Y’Gonolac, then there will be casualties. Let each Agent decide their own course of action and handle it accordingly.

Depending on how many agents are left, they can either know or be instructed to deposit the tape into a Green Box. Poor souls who decide to watch the entire tape (see Unlabeled VHS tape) will be subjected to SAN checks (2/1d8). If at least one agent is able to view the tape with minimal SAN loss, the follow up scenario will occur after Last Things Last.

Whatever happens, it is assumed at least one Agent will get the tape to ex-agent and current Friendly, Clyde Braugman who lives within the area and is able and willing to take the contents without a word. He flashes the Agents the “Be seeing you” hand gesture when they leave. The last image the Agents will have is Clyde opening an old military footlocker and placing the tape inside.


1d6 Sanity of the agents are able to take custody of the tape and store it with Braugman, knowing they at least have taken the tape out of circulation.


This is an entry to the 2016 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Trung Bui.

The intellectual property known as Delta Green is ™ and © the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are © their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.