Down in the Delta

Down in the Delta is an epistolary short story written by Delta Green co-creator Adam Scott Glancy. The story was released on 2014-01-08 as a bonus download for purchasers of The Unspeakable Oath issue 22.

Father Marks' reading

The story contains a list of URLs. At the time of publication, several of these were already dead.

Later in the story, is referred to as a specific page of interest under the USGenWeb death reels. It, too, is dead on 2014-01-09, and archived by the Internet Archive:

Victims of the 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic - "I, J, K & L" Orleans Parish

Submitted by: Beth D. Mendel
Source: Official Report of the Deaths from Yellow Fever, as reported by the New Orleans Board of Health // Louisiana Section, Main Branch, New Orleans Public Library
Date: April 2000

A list of specific victims, their age, birthplace, death date and address.

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