Dr Ernst Lustig

REAL NAME: Dr. Ernst Lustig
OCCUPATION: College Professor
EDUCATION: B.S. Psychology, Uni. Of Va.; M.A. Parapsychology, Uni. Of West Ga
SPECIALTIES: Paranormal Research and Documentation

DEX 11
INT 13
POW 13
CHA 17

HP 9
WP 13
SAN 65
BP 52


Simply put, Ernst is, well, simply put. A man of modest means, he makes what he can from the meager wages trials and cases regarding his expertise on paranormal matters. From which there are very few times where his knowledge has actually been brought into the courtroom. Unless you count that time where Jimmy Dithers swore he saw an eight foot tall beast devour Old Man Halsey’s prize winning sow. Dr. Lustig was called in to testify on the matters of cryptids and their possible migration into the swamps of southern Virginia. Of course, the beast just turned out to be a bull from a nearby farm taking liberties with the Old Man’s cow. Lustig wasn’t paid a dime. His fortunes (with a snicker) are derived from the plentitude of books and articles he has penned over the last ten years. Some of his notoriety has also placed him on several television shows in the search for paranormal beings around the United States and into Canada. This knowledge has also placed him on Delta Green’s Friendly list.

He is driven. He is always striving to be better than he is. It sounds more respectable than it really is. Socially, he is awkward. He says what he thinks, which often is misconstrued as rude or mean. You know that internal voice, the one that always says, “Hey stupid, don’t say that”? Sadly, Ernst’s was drowned at a young age. It is an odd story really. As he grew older, the inner voice became merely a raised eyebrow and a lilt of the head, rather than a voice screaming into a megaphone in his subconscious.

4:05 a.m. USAF A/2c Corum, weather observer, with confirmation by college student R. Pittman not clear from available data. Saw a 40 ft black, oval object with 4 lights along the bottom, fly in and out of the clouds. (UFOE II, Section I, Berliner) Thus begins the life of one Ernie Lister. Doesn’t quite sound like our good doctor, but we’ll get to that. Sure as shit, Ernie Raymond Lister was born on April 4, 1965, 4:05a.m. The same exact night and time that Biloxi residents were quoted as seeing a mysterious object in the sky. Funny part is Ernie’s mother would often say that she swore that UFO had dropped Ernie off right in that Biloxi Hospital Maternity Ward. “As odd as that boy is…,” she would laugh.

Normal upbringing good ole’ Ernie had. Didn’t play outside a lot thought. His folks would say it because of his allergies or asthma or some other reason that started with “a”. Ernie spent most of his time nose deep in books. He was a prolific reader. He delved through anything he could get his hands on. Ernie would start with books of the Civil War then memorize the maps and charts. He would then beg his parents to take him to the sites and monuments commemorating the North’s victory of the Battle of Vicksburg and smaller battles throughout Mississippi. It was here that Ernie caught a photograph of something he couldn’t quite explain. This single moment in time launched a career researching and trying to document the unknown and unexplainable.

It wasn’t until post-graduate work that Ernie Lister became Ernst Lustig. A more noble title befitting a more noble man (or at least he thought so.) Trying to gain trust and monies for his work was difficult at best for a Mississippi farm boy, but a German immigrant trying to garner the same sounded so much more mysterious. Lister, now Lustig, would write articles for Paranormal Monthly and Fortean Times and then be badgered for more research stemming from those articles. EVP’s, pictures, and random scraps of evidence all began to clutter his home office. Universities and private donors would fund much of the research. These singular discoveries led him to become a relative celebrity in his field. Relatively famous now, Lustig generally finds his way into one or more cases that local law enforcement and federal agencies scratch their proverbial head at. Dr. Ernst Lustig has a separate file for those matters.


Bureaucracy 40%, CompSci 40%, Science (Psychology) 60%, Science (Parapsychology) 50%, Science (Sociology) 50%, Art (Photography) 50%, ForLang (Latin) 40%, Forensics 40%

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