Dr Klaus Bergman


Christchurch Airport, Christchurch, New Zealand
February 12, 2016
07:30 NZDT, +1300 UTC

Recently returned from an extended geological survey based out of McMurdo Station, Dr. Klaus Bergman will shortly depart New Zealand for home, stateside. Agents must intercept and neutralize him at all costs.

Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
February 9, 2016
21:45 NZDT, +1300 UTC

Bergman's time in Antarctica was cut short due to separation from his team during a routine drilling operation to retrieve ice core samples. For a harrowing 23 hours, Bergman was lost. An unforeseen blizzard enveloped the drill site in opaque white, stalling rescue efforts until the storm cleared. After 19 hours a search crew was dispatched, and soon Bergman was discovered sheltered in a fortuitously located ice alcove. He was partially frostbitten and unconscious, but alive.

McMurdo Station, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
February 10, 2016
20:45 NZDT, +1300 UTC

This terrifying ordeal was apparently enough to break Dr. Bergman, who insisted upon returning to his home in Milwaukee immediately after recovering, abandoning his multiple projects and hours of research. This came as a surprise to the other staff at McMurdo, considering the breakthroughs in Cambrian-era fossilization he was poised to unveil next year. Bergman refused to comment on this; in fact, since returning from the wastes, he spoke little to anyone at all.

Mt. Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
February 12, 2016
06:40 NZDT, +1300 UTC

The Program was alerted when Melissa Chambers, pilot and DG Friendly en route from McMurdo to Concordia Station, picked up the distress signal registered to Bergman's emergency radio. Chambers touched down and headed to the location on foot, where she discovered the remains of Dr. Klaus Bergman. The corpse was heavily corroded, as if exposed to a potent acid for an extended period.


The truth behind what appears to be the deceased doctor headed home to his family and friends is far deadlier than anything a lone Friendly could handle. It is a pre-human threat unearthed and secreted away by the foolhardy doctor which he could never hope to understand: a shoggoth lord. Sealed in permafrost during some eons-old battle with its Elder Thing overlords and unearthed by the drilling team, it sensed an opportunity for escape. Bergman saw in the fist-sized chunk of organic matter an unprecedented leap in our understanding of life in Cambrian Antarctica (as well as a massive boost to his own career). Unseen by Bergman, due to the blinding snow, the specimen lashed out at him with shockingly fast, highly elastic potency. Within moments the thing had set upon him, utilizing the snow screen to separate him from the group. Not long after, Bergman was dead, and the nascent shoggoth lord had begun consuming him, growing steadily as it melted away his flesh and began replicating it. Hours later, the Bergman-thing emerged from its hiding place and allowed itself to be found. Its imitation of Bergman is imperfect, but stands up to non-invasive scrutiny (or at least enough to deny need of a medical exam and board the next plane to New Zealand).

The Bergman-thing's plans after returning home are, to it, quite simple. It will actively seek out other shoggoths, utilizing a sort of "psychic radar" developed over the eons of waiting for contact. When it believes it has a lead on one, it will go to great lengths to try and free or destroy it; Handler's discretion. Its reasons for doing so are unknowable, though conquest and consumption are obvious motives. Knowledgeable agents in the Program might spot patterns in its behavior if it is allowed to operate freely. The Handler could use this character as a segue into an Antarctic campaign as they are asked to travel to McMurdo and interview other scientists. If the Agents fail to halt the Bergman-thing, any number of existing scenarios containing shoggoths as primary threats could be woven in alongside the Handler's own materials.

The Bergman-Thing
Shoggoth Lord in hiding

Human Form
STR 12, CON 11, DEX 12, INT 19, POW 16, CHA 9
HP 15, (regenerates at rate of 2/round) WP 22
ARMOR: physical weapons and firearms only do 1 damage per hit.

Shoggoth Form
STR 25, CON 31, DEX 11, INT 19, POW 16, CHA 1
HP 26, (regenerates at rate of 2/round) WP 30
SAN LOSS: 1/1d10
ARMOR: 10 points as it continually melts and reforms

Skills: Alertness 60%, Sneak 45%, Unarmed Combat 70%, Unnatural 65%
Spells: Alter Weather (to cause the storm), Body Warping of Gorgoroth, more at Handler's discretion

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