Dragan Mrkaja

NPC: Dragan Mrkaja
by Eckhard, DGML 17851

Dragan Mrkaja, age 41, Criminal and possible DG-Friendly
Nationality: Serbian Current residence: New York City

Mrkaja was born on February second 1966 in Apatin in what was back then
Yugoslavia. Mrkaja's father was a Serb, his mother of Croatian heritage.
The family spent a couple of years in Austria. Dragan's childhood was in the
good old days of Tito: Yugoslavia - thanks to Western tourism - was pretty
wealthy for a socialist country back then. After high school Mrkaja enlisted in
the Yugoslavian army and became a platoon sergeant. Then in 1992 the civil war
broke out. Being both a Serbian and a fan of Tito's panslavic idea, Mrkaja
stayed in the Yugoslavian Army and participated in their activities. Thanks to
his family's stay in Austria, Mrkaja spoke ( and speaks ) German: Thus he became
a part-time interpreter for the Serbian forces, while still staying a full-time
soldier. His experiences in the civil war are mindbending. He still is not
willing to talk about those experiences. But one thing is for sure: He
participated in war crimes and his sanity suffered heavily.

He stayed for several months in his home province of Vojvodina -
Yugoslavia's/Serbia's main agricultural region - in 1996 after a nervous
breakdown. While caring for his father's bees in their holiday home ( no running
water, no real toilet, no electricity ) in the forests near the River Danube, he
was contacted by his old comrade Petar Stepanovic who dragged him to a meeting o
the Brotherhood of the Skin. Mrkaja fled the meeting in shock: He stole a
neighbour's car and fled via Hungary to Austria where he asked for asylum. He
was accepted and live the next years in Vienna. When the Kosovo war broke out,
two things happened: Friends from back then "asked him" to come back to
Yugoslavia to fight for the Serbian Heartland of Kosovo. And there were the
Albanian residents in Vienna who harrassed and threatened him. So he fled to
Dortmund/Germany, where he stayed for a while until his past finally caught him:
One day, while working as a doorman in a brothel, a fellow Serb told him that
the Skinless One would still love to see him to thank him for the things he did
in Bosnia.
Mrkaja left Dortmund the next day and fled to Rotterdam/Netherlands. There he
boarded a container ship that was bound for Boston. He spent some time in Boston
before moving to New York. He is an illegal alien, but he "inherited" the green
card of a fellow Serb called "Marin Vukovic" who died in 2000. Vukovic's death
had not been reported to the authorities and his I.D. only "slightly altered" to
help Mrkaja.
Mrkaja has found some friends, both Serbs and Croatians, but all criminals, that
he works for. He is the hired gun of his mates. He bruises, threatens and even
kills for his mates' "companies.
He quickly found out that the mythos is presen in NYC. There's not just the
brotherhood of the Skin, but also other cults and organisations that he knows
from back home, like the Vojvodina-based Cult of the Corn Godess, the Followers
of the Wasp-King. And there are even Ghouls that have come from Serbia to New

Mrkaja is not a good man. He's a killer. He's a criminal. But he considers
himself to be a(n orthodox) Christian as well. He hates the mythos, but he knows
it. He tried to flee the horror of the mythos only to find NYC to be haunted by
it as well.

How can he help DG?

Well, he hates the mythos *and* he's a killer. And he knows quite a bit about
Yugoslavian myths and mythos. The PCs can win quite an ally be making friends
with Mrkaja. But beware: His sanity is really fucked up.

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