Dream Cruise (Operation ONEIROI)

Delta Green surveillance revealed undercover INS and Coast Guard agents embarking aboard a Disney Dream cruise as MJ12 operatives. PC agents are to determine MJ12's interest and involvement. Early information gathering efforts indicate subjects are investigating irregularities in staffing records including unaccounted for and missing staff. Further investigation reveals that MJ12 operatives are investigating a series of disappearances and suspected murders resulting from possible Mayan death cult activities among the ship's crew. The real subject of MJ12's investigation is a Tcho Tcho infestation. By the time DG agents realize the extent of the problem, it is too late. The MJ12 agents are killed in a midnight confrontation with the Tcho Tcho coinciding with the end of the Long Count and triggering a potential pre-dawn apocalypse.


A group of Tcho Tcho discovered that service in the cruise ship hospitality industry is ideal for sampling the global varieties of human diversity. Not only is one shifting from port to port on a daily basis (leaving behind a trail of gnawed corpses), but life aboard ship offers fantastic tasting and replacement opportunities among customers and fellow staff. The diminutive and swarthy Tcho Tcho "foodies" have found themselves well suited to the menial tasks of ship-board life. They delight in their invisible status among thousands of teeming happy vacationers and in their complete and unquestioned access to nearly all parts of the ship. They do their jobs with a smile (and virtually without conversation) and little else is asked of them. They eagerly await dining opportunities and even like the simplicity of wearing uniforms – no awkward human fashion dilemmas. The fox is in the hen house.

The mission

Rarely does Delta Green have the opportunity to follow and observe an MJ12 operation. Effective covert strategies are essential. Agents are encouraged to travel with their families (expenses paid) or possibly masquerade as honeymooning couples – same sex couples are possible given proper attire and adjusted behaviors. Boarding procedures are similar to airline security restrictions. Baggage is x-rayed and searched for contraband (mostly booze) but also weapons. DG agents are provided with cover identities and photos of MJ12 operatives.

An important goal of observing the MJ12 NPCs is that the players come to empathize with them in order to feel a response at their horrible demise. Information gathering efforts are important in keeping the players engaged until the apocalypse. Emphasize the PC's cover identities and the awkwardness of conducting surveillance in a massively public environment. Not only is this a Disney Cruise – it is a Disney Christmas Cruise. Pour on the Disney themed syrup, insipid holiday cheer, and obnoxious vacationers. Emphasize the cosmopolitan nature of the hospitality staff, the pervasive presence of children, families, and overwhelming retail opportunities. Numerous web resources are available for further inspiration.

Dream's crew

There isn't one group of Tcho Tcho on board – there are three.

The ship's laundry cartel is run by genuine Mayans. Some have concealed ancient Mayan themed tattoos. All speak a mixture of Yucatecan Maya and Spanish. These individuals will grab the attention of the MJ12 operatives and their surveillance activities. They act mysteriously at times. The PC's should think they're up to something.

Another small group of Mayans work in housekeeping. This family-like band of Tcho Tcho is a quiet minority that largely fits in and disappears. They speak Huaxtecan Maya when around others.

Menial roles in the ship's diverse kitchens are predominantly staffed by Filipinos (as on many cruise ships). This minority has also been infiltrated by a group of Tcho Tcho that looks, speaks, and acts in accordance with their assumed identities. A 50lb box of frozen ants bearing Thai markings is concealed in a walk-in freezer.

There are unlimited opportunities for real or imagined threats among shipboard characters. Entertainment staff includes a group of Chinese dancers and magicians as part of the "It's a small world" revue. A Hungarian stage magician performs a "Sorceror's Apprentice" magic routine, and so on.

Notable dream personae

Geoffrey Dancer - Cruise Director: Flamboyant, annoying, ever-present and ever wondering "how we're doing."
Dr. Reinhardt Mahan – Chief Medical Officer: A Tcho Tcho sorcerer, important during Norovirus outbreak.
Aubrey Storm – Ship's musical prima-donna "princess": emerging pop star.
Mapanagimpan "Mapana" – cute Filipino (Tcho Tcho) waitress in Enchanted Garden restaurant.


Departure: 12/17/12 – Return: 12/24/12
Dec-17: Port Canaveral
— 1600 Final Boarding Call
— 1700 Departure
— 1745 Boarded by Coast Guard Sea Marshalls – weapons discreetly handed off to MJ 12 team

Dec-18: At Sea
Dec-18: At Sea
Dec-19: Grand Cayman – Ashore 1030 – Onboard 1630
Dec-20: Costa Maya – Ashore 1245 – Onboard 1630
— 1400 Mayan crewmembers offload and exchange some passport irregularities found
— 1600 More frozen ants acquired by Tcho Tcho if necessary
— 1729 Tcho Tcho contaminate desserts with Norovirus (Tcho Tcho excreta laden finger swipe)
— 1800 In honor of the Long Count, traditional Italian fare is replaced with Mayan cuisine at dinner
— 2030 Dozens become ill
— 2230 Quarantine – Tcho Tcho Feeding opportunities
Dec-21: Cozumel – Ashore 1030 – Onboard 1630
— 1900 Tcho Tcho hole up. Mapana consumes masses of ants, begins to "hive-queen up"
— 2300 Real Mayans gather and celebrate end of Long Count.
— 2339 Kirkham notices Mayan gathering – freaks out - interrupts Burbridge and Boyton inconveniently.
— 2348 MJ12 Agents gear up, rush down, and crash humble Maya having drinking party. Maya direct MJ12s to go harass Huaxtecan's who are having their own weird party.
— 2358 MJ12 Agents stumble upon hive-queen Tcho Tcho event. Resulting firefight leads to MJ12 agents getting shriveled, ripped apart, eaten, and all things horrible by the time the PC's get there.
— 2400 Tcho Tcho know they're in trouble. They begin infighting and separate into various clans and each begins its own end-game strategy.
Dec-22 At Sea in SE Gulf of Mexico
— 0017 Huaxtecan Tcho Tcho's begin to summon Abhoth.
— 0022 Dr. Mahan (Tcho Tcho sorcerer) calls emergency passenger meeting in Disney Theater regarding Norovirus outbreak – during his briefing he conducts subliminal ceremony that drains POW from audience and begins to summon Ithaqua. Pressure drops, temperature warms, winds rise – a Gulf of Mexico version of Hurricane Sandy is summoned.
— 0025 Filipino Tcho Tcho abandon destroyed "Mapana" hive-queen and summon Atlach Nacha avatar.
— 0028 Abhoth avatar gated into upper deck pools and "Aquaduck" water slide. Area becomes scene of spawned horrors, death, offal, and terror.
— 0035 Atlach Natcha begins to manifest. Crew and passengers begin to take on spider-like attributes and spawn spider-like buds that rip free and skitter off …soon to attack and lay "eggs" on other passengers.
— 0041 Ithaqua strides towards the Dream. Waves and wind cause it to capsize.
— 0100 (Possible) Surviving PC's on life boat in Ithaqua's hurricane. Fellow surviving lifeboat occupants include Tcho Tcho.
— 0500 (Possible) DG initiated "Red Box" protocol – tactical nuclear strike on remains of Dream – MJ12 initiates tactical nuclear strike after failure to contain threat.

MJ12 agent rooms

Minnie's "do not disturb" door signs. Locked away are two 300 AAC Blackout SMGs (Google "AAC Honey Badger"). Suppressed Glock .40 S&W's often with agents in "Goofy" or "Jasmine" gym bags.
Burbridge and Boyton's Suite (12012): Burbridge installed a security system that captures images of intruders and sends them to team smart phones. Boyton has the bedroom and Burbridge has the pull-down. The night of the 21st – their last night – Burbridge and Boyton almost share a make-shift bed on the veranda…
Locked bedroom contains:
Surveillance paraphernalia
Wireless video and audio transmitters
Two locked encrypted laptops
Tcho Tcho sampling and detection gear
Portable X-Ray
Portable ultrasound in "Little Mermaid" duffel
—Medical gear

Philmore and Kirkham's Room (8036): Philmore and Kirkham bitch about their small room constantly. Empty room-service trays, beer bottles, and dirty laundry. Beside the bed is a locked and encrypted surveillance backup laptop (with porn website cookies).


All have manufactured backgrounds, credit histories, etc. Finger prints and/or facial identity software reveals actual identities.

Darrin Mark Philmore INS Agent
Caucasian, jar-head haircut, broad flat nose, brick-like physique, pink polo shirt, tight jeans. Very uncomfortable in his cover role as partner to Kirkham. Actual name: Mark David Phillman: reported KIA Afghanistan 2002. Former Delta Force member.

Jesus Jose Kirkham INS Agent
Hispanic, stubble, glasses, dark complexion, bit of a belly, lime green polo shirt, soft hands. Constantly rubbernecking moms and bikini clad teens despite cover as Philmore's partner. Actual name: Jesus Julian Ferrera: Reported disability discharged from US Border Patrol, El Paso, TX. 2004.

Paul Reuben Burbridge Coast Guard Sea Marshall – Agent in Charge
Tall, fit, smart, but goofy looking with a soft face and round ears. Paul speaks only in a sing-song lyrical sort of way to overcome his severe stutter. Actual name: Prentice Peermont Babbage: Extensive previous history with beam and energy weapon DARPA projects; picked up his stutter on a previous operation.

Florence Anne Boyton Coast Guard Sea Marshall
Vietnamese-American, ivory skin, jet black hair, flawless, stunning, stacked. Slowly falls for Burbridge's sing-song – and acts the part of her newly-wed cover. Actual name: Florence Noh: Various DoD roles through 2008. Extensive knowledge of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. She's the Tcho Tcho expert.



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Written by Owen Guthrie for the 2012 Shotgun Scenario contest.

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