Emerald Hammer

From: Shane Ivey

The "Emerald Hammer" (subtitled "Used Book Sale" or somesuch) campaign started as a campaign sketch by MiB and turned into a round-robin of epic proportions.

The plot, IIRC, starts with Stephen Alzis and the Karotechia racing to collect a number of arcane Mythos-related tomes which surface in locations across the globe. But, as Lech has pointed out, it's much more complicated than that.

The goal at this point is to have each participant turn out one (or two?) chapters, each of them intended as a one-session affair (probably two if, like me, you "RP like old people f*ck," as our colorful editor put it) worked into the overall storyline. It was even suggested that each chapter be played out by a different group, with the results passed on to the next "cell" to play out in their slice of the mission.

And then, of course, we'll give it to Pagan to sell so they can win another bigshot gaming award and we can all get filthy rich.

This is horror fiction. Anything is possible.

"Does a carpenter care what color is his hammer?" - Stephen Alzis
"Give a child a hammer and everything becomes a nail." - Unknown

The materials of this campaign are available at http://www.carnwyffa.u-net.com/eh.html. Please help copy them to the Fairfield Project.

The Compendium

Stephen Alzis has a purpose. He will use Delta Green and the Karotechia to chase each other around the world. He will engage the insignificant rivals in a hammering dance of staccato international death to see which tool can bring him the most mythos tomes. This will allow him to compile the most complete and comprehensive grimoire of alien practices so advanced that they can only be known as magic. This is the Compendium, and it will become Stephen Alzis' masterpiece and legacy to a doomed humanity.

The Karotechia has a destiny. They will forge a glorious new Fourth Reich which will trod upon the inferior races of sub-men and raise the Aryan ubermenchen to ascended godhood. They will do this by using the ancient magics of Thule to kill and murder and destroy millions of expendable discards on the chain of existence. First, they must find and know the ancient magics. Find them and know them with an intimate and illicit passion which cannot be quenched, even by the silent horror of the grave.

Delta Green has a plan. Kill everyone who dares to pollute the Earth with foul alien magics and leave only the smell of burning cordite as a warning to other fiends not to dwell on matters that man was not meant to know.

Secret policy

The United Nations has become increasingly concerned with a growing global fascism. Manipulated by the Mossad, Delta Green, Special Department 8 of the GRU, PISCES and other disparate sources of hidden influence, they have decided to establish a worldwide crackdown on neo-nazi criminal activity. This policy of prevention has fallen to Interpol to implement as assassins of all that is supernatural gather to weather the approaching storm. They will eventually decide to refer to this brewing storm as LIBRETTO.

Used book sale

Alzis has influenced his pawns in an opening gambit. He baits LIBRETTO and the Karotechia with the promise of unspeakable power. He orchestrates a mad dash to collect every Mythos tome in the world.

The late Brian Lochnar's copy of The Turner Codex is offered on the auction block in New York City. All thirteen volumes The Revelations of Glaaki are flung at the head of a greedy and corrupt Englishman - who's concussion addled mind decides upon an immediate sale to a Glovecleaning Used Bookstore owner in Bristol. Cultes des Ghouls is made available by the Louvre to private collectors in Lyons, France. Al Azif is found in the basement ashes of a San Francisco brownstone. The Book of Eibon is released from the archives of the KGB in Kiev. In Peru, the Necronomicon is stolen by the Sendero Luminoso. In Mexico, the Pnakotic manuscripts are quietly pursued by the salt-haunted resurrected members of the shattered Cali Drug Cartel.

So much apocalyptic knowledge, beckoning to be transmuted into occult power. It is irresistible to both those who would possess it and those who would see it contained forever. The Fate will assure that the uprising of dark ascension will eclipse all who mindlessly peruse the used book sale.

The glovecleaners

As the Karotechia are slowly thwarted and destroyed, the FATE gathers pages of material for their master's Grand Compendium. Alzis bargains fiercely for each new spell. He will sell Lords into oblivion, Bischofes into the hands of Jews, anything to further thicken his ultimate work.

As each chapter dawns in the editing of Alzis' penultimate dream, the Glovecleaners arise from their obsessive-compulsive calling. They feel the siren call of the Compendium. All must know of the apex of tomes. They begin to organize.

Forge of Viridian

The din of relentless hammering fills the forge. The Fate promise Otto Skorzeny and Die Lebenstentoten freedom from the chains of sorcery. In return they execute Reinhard Galt in his beloved homeland of Germany and pass De Vermiis Mysteriis to the hand of the Network. Sparks from an iron-crossed hammer.

Ghouls under the French hills will gladly trade their most secret tomes to the Karotechia in return they desire the recently transcribed Regnum Congo. If Delta Green interferes, then the Fate will offer to entrap and destroy a Karotechia Bishofe in exchange for the Ghoul Manuscript. Bright fire from an emerald hammer.

In the end, the Karotechia will learn to their regret that their recently acquired Gothic language specialist has but one goal: to see the court of Azathoth on Earth. Thus, among the spiteful struggle for pride and immortality between Olaf Bitterich and Gunter Frank, the unholy destruction that is the daemon sultan will provide a fitting finale. The final blow of an Emerald Hammer from beyond the stars upon a world where the Compendium is complete at last.

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