City of the Wall

In recent times I have, uhm "discussed" politics online with many Americans. And I've come to the conclusion that the image a certain segment of the American population has of Europe has surreal, even mythic qualities. Frequent words that were used are:

"Socialist", "Ungrateful", "Back-stabbing", "not able to see the real world", "Appeasing", "freedom-hating", and many, many more.

The vehemency, frequency, and consistency of these appellations has come to lead me to the idea that there is something more to it than mere slander. Perhaps the fears, suspicious, and stereotypes many Americans - especially those who have never been here - have of Europe have led to the creation of a complete pocket-Dreamlands where all these things are true, and which partially exists in Carcosa. Or may the pocket Dreamlands - which I shall dub "Europa" - existed first, and the Americans simply got in contact with the Vibe. (Jurgen Hubert)

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