Fan fiction

The Delta Green world is rich and complex. Many players have been tempted to use it for more than just a setting for a game. They decided to take a snapshot of the world in prose. Perhaps they were inspired by Lovecraft's original circle, and all the writers who followed. At any rate, this is a list stories that have been found around the web. Don't read too many at once, or too late at night. What dreams may come, must surely give you pause.

Fan fiction stands in contrast to pro fiction.

By single authors

David Farnell

John C. Detwiller

Davide Mana

Kenneth "Man in Black" Scroggins

Shane Ivey


The Starkweather-Moore transcript by Johan Berggren contains a story of sorts.

Collaborations and collections

Dream journals

  1. The Craggy Child by the Man in Black.
  2. Imaginary Urban Landscape by Davide Mana.

Original website

Further stories existed in the Case Histories section of the old Please help rescue them to our archive.

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