The Fate are to organized crime what Mozart was to music; they are so far above the norm that you think you are seeing the hand of God at work. Unfortunately, in this case you may be right, and it's not a God whose hand you would like to see.

If You Make It There…

The group known as the Fate is the elite of the organized crime world. The more proper name for the organization is "the Network." For people who know the organization well, only the upper tier of leaders that are called the Fate. Of course, very few people know the organization well, and the rest of us have to make do with rumor, myth and innuendo.

They are based in New York City, and take a piece of the action from each of the rival families that directly control the drugs, prostitution and rackets of the Big Apple. In exchange, they put the impossible into the hands of the highest bidder. They are the bridge to the darkness beyond human sin.

The Hands of Fate

The most well-known part of the group are the Lords. These are sorcerers of great power who use their skills to advance the needs of the Fate. They are each specialists in certain areas, and hold titles that reflect that specialty, such as the Lord of Sleep, or the Lord of Creation. The are the Hands of Fate.

The Eyes of Fate

Spread out below them are the Adepts. These are the unthinking, unknowing drones of the Fate, who are assigned small tasks whose purpose is only understood by their masters. The watch from the shadows and act in secrecy. They are the Eyes of Fate.

The Fate

Above the Lords is the group known simply as the Fate. They are the inner circle of the Network, and create the plans that the rest carry out. This group has been in existence since the 1930s, and some of the members have been with them from the beginning.

Above the fate is Stephen Alzis. Above him, there is only darkness.

Home in Apocalypse

If the Fate can be said to have a headquarters, it is at Club Apocalypse.

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