Fateful Findings


A writer survives a fatal accident caused by a sorcerer of the underground organization known as the Fate. The writer is trying to expose the truth about Fate and also a “deep state government” known as Delta Green.


A novelist named Ellis McConnor has found something. While cleaning up a house of his deceased tenant (belonged to a now dead Delta Green agent), he managed to find papers related to a New York City based conspiracy about an occult criminal group known as The Fate and a government funded black budget program. McConnor has been believing that the government is controlled by a deep state and this evidence has convinced him that it’s his duty to bring the truth to light.

Meanwhile, Travis Patterson, a former sorcerer of the now broken crime organization Fate, is trying to clean up some old traces back to him and build his own criminal organization. He killed a Delta Green agent and is now trying to acquire the information he had about Fate. He had tracked that information, but found out that it had been collected by McConnor and is now trying to remove him from the picture. Sadly, his assasination method of summoning a Dimensional Shambler and crashing McConnor’s car had failed, due to McConnor having a magic stone preventing his death. Now Patterson is biting his time, waiting to steal (or even destroy) any information Patterson has.


Agents are briefed by a friendly Doctor of Medical Science, Dr Wayne. He tells about an unusual car accident where the victim hit a telephone pole and survived despite the fact the car was completely totaled. He gives:

  • The Address of the victim
  • The location of the accident
  • Medical data of the victim

Dr. Wayne has no prior contacts made with McConnor, however he is aware that MConnor is a somewhat known novelist and has written several airport thrillers about government conspiracies.

Car and the crash scene

The totalled car is located at the car impound. The damage on the front seems like it had hit a metal pole at really high speed. Inside, it has several burner phones, water bottles, cans of tuna and a satellite disk in the trunk. The other noticeable thing is on the top a small circle with a pentagram looking sign. Successful Unnatural roll or having read a related tome to it, will reveal it being part of a ritual which is to summon a Lurker from Beyond (Dimensional Shambler).

Crash site is about 15 minutes away from his house. At the site, there are no signs of a pole that would’ve been hit by the car. Looking around the area, there is about 30 yards away at a field where there are signs of a car driven off. These tread marks can be tracked (though no casting can be made, Forensics 30% will let the agent clear out the cuts of tire for photos) to a car owned by a man named Travis Patterson.

Night before

Should agents take their time and not talk to McConnor, Patterson makes a move. In a desperate move, he tries to burn McConnor’s house down and smoke McConnor out. Unfortunately from him, Patterson has taken off. He hides in the streets of the city dressed as a homeless man, to not be recognized by the deep state’s assassins.

The fire will catch the attention of the local law enforcement. This can be used as a way to get agents to fully focus on finding McConnor or anyone who might want harm for him.

Finding Patterson

Patterson is trying to find McConnor, just like the agents. If players want to try to find anything about the possible assailant by trying to find his car that was near the crash site or the burning of his house, it is not too hard to come by. Checking traffic camera footage near the crash, going to local gas stations asking about the car in question etc, are all valid ways to find Patterson.

When he gets caught, he is most likely trying to escape. He has a history with the law enforcement and connections with criminal organizations, so getting sent to jail is not happening. He has a lawyer that he can request to the scene if he thinks he’s investigated by average federal agents. However, should the agents reveal that they know about Fate or the Unnatural, he’ll try to cut a deal with the agents. He’ll offer info on McConnor, smaller rituals he knows or maybe selling out a possible connection to get himself free and find McConnor for them.


Should McConnor not be stopped before he has time to before setting up his publications, his mission is simple. He has paid a local broadcasting station 6000 dollars to let him use it to do a live national broadcast, where he will release all the information he has on Fate and Delta Green. He believes this will end the “evils of the Deep State” once and for all. He is right.
At 8PM, he’ll start his broadcast. Agents can physically try to stop him, or talk to the producers to convince them being part of a libel if they let the broadcast happen (Bureaucracy 40%)

If Patterson hasn’t been stopped at this point, he’ll try to figure out McConnor’s location as fast as possible and get the papers from him.

SAN Rewards

  • Stop the wizard from killing McConnor, 1 SAN
  • Stop McConnor broadcasting, gain 1D4 SAN
  • Get the dossier on The Network and The Program and return it or destroy it for good, gain 1D6 SAN


Ellis McConnor, Possible Whistleblower

STR 13 CON 11 DEX 13 INT: 10 POW: 11 CHA 8
HP 12 WP 8 SAN 49
Attacks: Fist 1d4

Artifact: Magic rock
McConnor has found a magic rock that prevents him from dying. It looks like an average palm sized rock. It will heal it’s user HP by 1D6 every three hours and prevents them dying from lethal damage. However, if someone else takes the rock from the previous user, the current user loses the healing effects and, should they be under effect that causes them to be at 0HP, immediately dies.

Travis Patterson, Suave Sorcerer

Stats: Alertness 30% Athletics: 30% Unarmed 60% Unnatural 14%
STR 10 CON 10 DEX: 11 INT: 12 POW: 14 CHA: 12
HP 10 WP 14 SAN 29
Disorders: Megalomania
Attacks: Fist 1D4-1
Rituals: Lure the Hungerer, Voorish Sign


This was an entry to the 2020 shotgun scenario contest. Written by zomner

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