Beware…spoilers abound.
(Last Things Last was originally written by Bret Kramer. The characters involved herein are of Bret Kramer’s creation. This Op may be run with a single player or very small Cell. Ideally, this Op would run following Last Things Last.)


Several reports have made their way to Cell A regarding an undead creature that was kept alive for years in an underground storage container. The report also states the creature has been destroyed and any evidence or captures of DNA are impossible. Cell A wants to know what the creature was, how it was kept alive, and how its existence was kept hidden for so many years.


Clyde Baughman was a Delta Green friendly from 1958-1969. He recently passed due to a massive heart attack. Clyde Baughman also died with a secret. He was able to resurrect and keep his deceased wife in a state of animation following her death in 1985. Upon hearing of Baughman’s death, Cell A had sent a detachment to “clean-up” any trace of activity with Delta Green. It was during this mission that Baughman’s wife, Marlene, was discovered in a hideous state shambling about in an empty septic tank underground.
Further investigation found reports stating that a certain spell had been used to reanimate the wife were unclear or inconclusive. Cell A wants to know what exactly Clyde did in order to keep his wife alive and how he received that information.
The player’s Cell will travel back to 1985 and determine how Clyde Baughman was able to reanimate his wife.


Investigators will receive a small envelope at their place of work. An invitation to an opera is enclosed. On the back in neat handwriting a message states: “Terminal A, Grand Central Station, New York City, NY, #” Each agent will have a different locker number and combination. Inside the locker is a revolver, an FBI badge, and a train ticket to Baltimore, Md.

A small paperclip attached to the train ticket is a newspaper clipping: “WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. 2001 Wharf Rd, Baltimore, MD 21219. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.-A. Green” The address has been redacted but a successful appropriate skill roll will determine the location: a defunct cement factory in Sparrows Point, Md.

A single light can be seen inside of one of the buildings. A woman dressed in dirty coveralls ushers the agents in to a small but very well kept office. A man, “Mr. Green”, will greet the agents with a dossier and a complete report from the Cell that cleaned Baughman’s apartment. He will discuss with the agents what happened and what the agents found in the septic tank. “Mr. Green” details the new Cell’s operation. Cell A wants to know how Baughman was able to keep Marlene alive.

The Cell is to travel back to 1985 (SAN rolls 1/1D4), the day of Marlene’s death, to investigate Clyde Baughman’s activities. Under no circumstances are agents to make contact with Clyde or Marlene Baughman. This is a surveillance op. Return to present day with evidence of how Clyde Baughman was able to keep his wife in an “animated” state.

Means, manner, and destination of travel may be left to the Handler. Arrival will place them at a Green Box location just outside the nearest local town. SEARCH will find items inside a Green Box that are cutting edge surveillance items (in 1985). COMP SCI, SKILL: ELECTRONICS, MICRO-ELECTRONICS, etc will determine ease of use for the players.


Players will want to begin the investigation by shadowing Baughman and determining his movements on the days immediately following Marlene’s death.


Baughman’s home is a simple non-descript dwelling found in suburbia. Players may remember the dingy apartment Clyde’s belongings were found in during the prior investigation (Last Things Last); this is a far cry from that. (Within weeks after Marlene dies, Clyde sells off most of their items and moves into a smaller apartment). A well-manicured lawn and a late model vehicle are found in the driveway. Further investigation inside the home (STEALTH, LOCKPICK for entry) will reveal a “happy” home. Options for the home floor plan are left to the Handler.

A thorough SEARCH of the house will find a basement converted into an office. A computer found on a large desk is bookended by two large file cabinets where several documents will be found. A COMP SCI roll will login to the computer. A 1D6 roll will determine hours of searching. An ACCOUNTING roll will reveal several large recent payments to a “GENISYS Systems” The bookshelf (SEARCH) reveals few interesting books:

  • The Politics of Heredity: Essays on Eugenics, Biomedicine, and the Nature-Nurture Debate by Diane B. Paul 
  • Cryogenics by William E. Bryson
  • The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan
  • Cryogenic Engineering by Thomas M. Flynn

Further investigation will reveal each of the books were copyrighted in the mid-late 2000’s. SAN 1/1D4 when discovering that each of the books were printed in the future.

A SEARCH of the file cabinets will find articles written on cryogenics, life after death, and even scientific journal articles published on time travel. Many research articles were published with a grant in part or whole by GENISYS Systems. Investigators will determine that Baughman has been investigating reanimating his wife upon her death. Why? (Other leads the Handler may want pose to the investigators: What was the cause of Marlene’s death? Did she have cancer? Why did Clyde offer up Marlene to GENISYS? What is the connection between Clyde and GENISYS?)

As the hours pass, Investigators will be nearly caught but may escape only if an ALERTNESS check is successful within the last hour.


On the outskirts of the local city, GENISYS Systems, Inc can be found. The building is in a large industrial complex with very little outside identification save for a small sign directly exterior to the building. An ALERTNESS roll will observe heavy security as well as proactive security measures (video cameras, heavy gauge fencing, guards, etc.).

An investigation (COMP SCI to “hack” into systems, etc.) skill roll will determine that GENISYS is a quantum mechanics research firm. [Further investigation (up to Handler: Entry to business? Kidnap employee?) will find that GENISYS has created a rudimentary ability to time travel, albeit with some catastrophic consequences. “Volunteers” have returned with grisly deformations (SAN 1D4/1D6, if any “subjects” are seen).]

A skill roll (STEALTH, MICRO-ELECTRONICS, SIGINT, etc) will provide successful surveillance outside of the building. 1D6 will determine the hours the agents will spend observing the building before ALERTNESS will see Clyde Baughman entering the building. Clyde will return to his vehicle and move the vehicle to the rear of the business, out of sight of the investigators. Should the investigators try to make entry to the building they will be thwarted by many layers of security protocol.

One other idea is to lay low and follow Clyde home.


Several hours later Clyde emerges from the building carrying a very large bundled object. ALERTNESS can determine the bundle is “body-sized”, (CRIMINOLOGY or FORENSICS will determine the bundle is a body bag). STEALTH to avoid being seen as Clyde is extremely wary. Successful rolls to tail Clyde’s car will determine that he is not returning to his house. 1D6 for hours spent following. A NAVIGATE roll will determine Clyde is heading out of town. The investigator(s) will tail, (with a series of STEALTH rolls, depending on length of time spent following Baughman, i.e. 2 hours, 2 successful STEALTH rolls), Clyde and will see him arrive at a cabin out of town. The cabin will match photos from the dossier.

Investigators will have to closely observe Baughman’s activities. Manner of observation may be left to the Handler, (STEALTH, DISGUISE, etc), but close observation will be necessary. Continued surveillance will show Clyde dragging the body bag from the vehicle towards a septic tank at the rear of the cabin. ALERTNESS or use of electronic surveillance items (SIGINT) will determine that something inside the bag is moaning, SAN 1/1D4. Investigators will observe Clyde dump the contents of the body bag into the septic tank. Rolls regarding videotaping (MICRO-ELECTRONICS, SIGINT,etc) will capture this scene on to video tape. Clyde will weep for a moment before placing a single padlock onto the tank’s manhole, (SAN 0/1). If the Investigators continue to observe, ALERTNESS will allow them to hear a soft moaning, “Clyde…”


Return with video evidence of Clyde Baughman and GENISYS Systems to Cell A: Regain 1D4+1 SAN, gain +5% to any two skills: STEALTH, MICRO-ELECTRONICS, SIGINT

Return with video evidence of Clyde Baughman and GENISYS Systems but contact was made with Baughman: Regain 1D4+1 SAN, but lose 5% to STEALTH skill

Any contact with Law Enforcement: Agents are to remain in 1985 pending “rescue” from the future, SAN Loss 1D6


This was an entry to the 2017 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Jason Woodward.

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