Fist of Allah

In my DG universe Muammar Ghaddafi is an enemy of the Mythos, but a ruthless

// minor Countdown spoilers ahead //

Blowing up the plane over Lockerbie was ordered by Ghaddafi in order to kill
the Shan infested Britons aboard the plane whose mission it was to infest
certain US citizens.

This terrorist attack was therefore carried out in order to protect the USA.

Actually the Shan *did* try to infect the NASA in an operation of large
proportion that failed: A PanAm Jumbo full of shan infested beings exploded over
Lockerbie on its way from London to the USA…

And nobody thanked Col. Ghaddaffi and his organisation "Fist of Allah" for this
strike against the mythos.

The Fist of Allah was created by Eckhard Huelshoff.

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