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Christmas is almost here, which means there will be a huge flurry of Christmas shoppers spending the last weekends before the holiday doing the rest of their shopping. Last-minute Christmas shopping is what makes up a good portion of Christmas sales, which means you can make a lot of your profits in the next couple of weeks. Here are a few ways to boost your holiday sales this year:

Two-day shipping

A huge advantage that Amazon has over the competition is the free two-day shipping on items purchased online. This means people can put off their last few Christmas items until the weekend before Christmas, order online from the convenience of their own home, and still get the gifts before Christmas arrives. By promising for gifts to arrive before Christmas in your shipping terms or by offering inexpensive two-day shipping, you can beat the competition and bring in more of those last-minute Christmas shopping experts.

Online blogs and social media

When trying to decide what to purchase for friends and family, there is nothing like a trusted review to make up your mind. People in today’s world have the ability to quickly and easily get information online from trusted friends through social media and blogs. Take advantage of these marketing tools as much as possible. If you are using pay per call advertising, then you only have to pay for quality leads who call in and ask for more information about your business. That means your affiliate marketers will be using blogs and social media to promote your product or service, which will in-turn bring in a lot of those last minute Christmas shopping people who need a quick gift.

SEO matters

According to the Business Review, SEO will make a big impact on the people who are visiting your site during the holidays. By adjusting your keywords for the holidays, you will be able to boost sales by bringing more customers to your website. Research the best keywords for your business along with what people may be searching during the holidays to find businesses like yours. Then use these keywords to your advantage.

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It doesn’t seem like the term “modern marketer” would need a definition. After all, we all live in the 21st century, we are computer literate, and we know how to use digital technologies. However, having a knowledge of these things doesn’t mean we are automatically modern marketers. You can’t claim to have joined the modern era unless your strategies and techniques are modern too.

Switch from “selling” to “engaging”

If you haven’t gotten the memo that engagement is the key to marketing, you haven’t become a modern marketer yet. Today’s consumers expect more than an infomercial or a blank-eyed billboard ad. They want to feel as though you care about what they think and know who they are as individuals.

John Ellett, a marketing consultant writer for Forbes, explained, “By shifting the lens of your organization from pushing products to engaging customers … you can become purpose-driven and stop focusing purely on product positioning.” Listen to customer feedback and strive to meet their needs, rather than trying to convince them they don’t know what they need.

Create positive brand experiences

If you’re still relying on ad campaigns which have concrete beginning and ending points, you still aren’t embracing the modern preferences of your customers. People don’t want to look at your brand or product, they want to experience it. Whether they have a negative or positive experience, you can be sure their friends are going to hear about it, and every good marketer knows how vital a good customer review is and how damaging a negative one can be. Making sure customer service representatives are well-trained and websites are well-maintained is key to making sure your customers’ experiences are good.

Utilize personalization tools to the fullest

Personalization isn’t just inserting some code to an email that puts the customer’s name at the top of the message. Being personal means knowing your customer’s likes, dislikes, and shopping habits. Ellet explained, “Brands with which we have relationships have information about us that, when used properly, helps those brands deliver superior experiences.”

This should happen no matter what device the customer is using—a feat which few companies have yet to achieve. Yet modern marketers know how important it is to strive towards this goal, that their customers might consistently receive the right information about the right products at the right time.

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Source: ..forbescom/sites/johnellett/2014/11/19/accelerate-your-success-with-these-five-tenets-of-modern-marketing/

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I wanted to run this for my friends so I condensed everything into something more easily navigable, added a couple more events, tied things together with the SCP Foundation and added a possible beginning and end.
Check it out by using tinyurl /nightmall
Any comments, suggestions, or additions would be greatly appreciated!

Night Mall Write-up by Scud422Scud422, 18 Jul 2013 11:32
Group 13???
Mr MartinMr Martin 11 Jul 2013 21:21
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Group 13

Does this group Exist? Any Rumors about them up to date rumors.
2013 I mean?

Any info will be helpful. Just interested in Elite Units.


Group 13??? by Mr MartinMr Martin, 11 Jul 2013 21:21

Hi, very useful post, just one remark i had to make though, Wim Mertens is not French! he's Belgian and speaks dutch, not French.
Although the French have some great artists amongst them, Wim is Flemish :)

thanks for the great soundtrack hints !

useful post by BobbejanBobbejan, 27 Jan 2013 03:16

Is this project still alive and is it still part of m12

Project MOON DUST by Elaine MengesElaine Menges, 04 Jan 2013 16:50

A machinist I know in Kelowna BC has been hired to make parts for the fuel containment cylinders for the "big bell" which is supposed to be in Argentina.

German Bell in Kanada by hlimmerhlimmer, 29 Aug 2012 18:37

As Supreme Hierophant of the Temple of Nyarlathotep I, Wrathnar the Unreasonable, invite you to visit us at:

The Temple is a social networking site for writers, artists and musicians who are fans of Horror in general and HP Lovecraft in particular. We have some very talented Acolytes, and plenty of fascinating and entertaining content.

You can visit and look around without joining, but if you do want to join, it's free. You must be over 18 as the site has ADULT CONTENT.

Hope to see you there!

Fhtagnk you.


The Temple of Nyarlathotep by Wrathnar Wrathnar , 20 Jul 2011 22:36

Follow the instructions on the How to join this site? link in the sidebar.

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I have worked up a little entry on Hyperborea and was hoping for permission to add the info in.

Sy ManSy Man 12 Jun 2010 00:30
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Nazi Bell

There is a perfectly lucid and rational explanation for the Nazi Bell. Where it was firstlocated by the nazis in Wenceslas Mine (near Walbrrzych today) on the border between lower Silesia and the Czech republic, there was also a mine producing Uranium and Thorium ores. Known then as Wustegiersdorf and now as Gluszyca.

Testimony about the Nazi Bell came to light from recently declassified Polish files from the war crimes trial of SS Lt Gen Jakob Sporrenberg. He described the centrifuge which spun mercury with a porcelain container placed at the axle containing "Xerum 525" compounds including Beryllium.

If you spin mercury inside a powerful electro-magnetic field the mercury will fluoresce to plasma as it gives off ions. If then you place Beryllium within that plasma field it will get excited and give off slow neutrons.

Place Thorium 232 with the Beryllium and then you have neutron capture turning the Thorium into Uranium 233 ready for use in nuclear weapons.

We only have to look at Iran today to understand why Argentina would describe such a device as for peaceful purposes and providing cheap nuclear power in a bottle. It would have actually made Argentina a nuclear weapons power in the 1950s had this project delivered.

Anyway that's my opinion and I am sure many will disagree or tell me it was an anti gravity engine or such like. I simply remind people that Dr Karl Wirtz who worked on Nazi Germany's nuclear bomb projects, also joined the team at Hualmuel island in Argentina. The Argentinians themselves always claimed it was a nuclear project and not an anti-gravity project.

We also have the previously classified report of the Argentine Economic Ministry which disclosed that in May 1945 a German multi engined transport plane arrived in northern Argentina and unloaded a Bell device.

This was in the days before the internet and before 1990 when Sporrenberg's testimony about the bell was revealed. Prior to this, nobody knew what the Nazi Bell was or had even heard of it, so why does it appear in an Argentine report from 1945?

by Sy ManSy Man, 12 Jun 2010 00:30
DmAlchemistDmAlchemist 29 Oct 2008 12:02
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Transhumanism

I think that transhumanism has in a sense always had a place in the Mythos, Isn't that what all those Sorcerers we're trying to do? If you realize that being human is a losing proposition then trying to become post-human is a rational response. This really ties in to the Cult motivation discussion, from their perspective they are trying to help. If Humanity is doomed staying as it is then to "save" humanity we must become more like the mythos.

by DmAlchemistDmAlchemist, 29 Oct 2008 12:02

Especially true with the sharp rise of public surveillance in the UK. The AotTE is going to need hackers to turn that surveillance against the enemy. They could also use a mad superhero… "Goodnight England. Goodnight Home Service and V for Victory. Hello Severn Aerospace and V for Victorian trepanation technology."

Uh-huh by Viktor EViktor E, 25 Jul 2008 10:06

My impression of the Army is somewhat at odds with the description.

Really, I don't think its as proffessional as its being portrayed, its certainly no PIRA. It doesn't have access to external training or finances which means its skills and tradecraft are self tought, just as PIRA's was in the 70's.

Its worth noting while PIRA achieved some of its most notable successes during this period (Warrenpoint for example) it also suffered an extremely high level of attrition because activity any activity is observable, this is especially true when your tradecraft is particulalrly hot or self taught.

Oh and unknowns only remain unknown if they stay out of sight, I guarrantee if a member of the Army were to start regulalry observing SAeS establishments for example they wouldn't remain unknown for very long.

Which means the armies activities have to be really low key passive observation. In otherwords the Army is pretty much a wet squib, they have information they simply can't act upon it without Special Branch/PISCES giving them a thorough going over.

AotTE capability by TchoTchoWranglerTchoTchoWrangler, 23 Jul 2008 13:06

The Count of Saint Germain (an actual 18th century person) was likewise surrounded by fantastic rumors including immortality, which he encouraged by casual reference to them, similar to how Alzis refers to his own prior "deaths". This stylistic resemblance is striking. And the truth about the Count remains a mystery to this day.

Anyone got any idea how to get in touch with this guy?

I managed it once, then lost him again…

Graeme Price? by 9Squirrels9Squirrels, 05 Feb 2008 03:10

As usual, read the Weekly Wiki Challenge first.

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7th Weekly Wiki Challenge by jhubertjhubert, 30 Nov 2007 16:11

This doesn't have a thing to do with At Your Door!

by James HaughtonJames Haughton, 27 Nov 2007 00:39

I thought it might be interesting to list the "most wanted" entries - entries that don't exist yet but for which there are three or more links:

11 Links:


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Miskatonic University

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Mountains of Madness

3 Links:

Chaugnar Faugn
Easter Island
Kuen Yuin
Severn Valley

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Most Wanted Entries by jhubertjhubert, 23 Nov 2007 10:57

As usual, read the Weekly Wiki Challenge first.

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Call of Cthulhu Scenarios/Call of Cthulhu Scenarios Discussion
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6th Weekly Wiki Challenge by jhubertjhubert, 23 Nov 2007 10:14
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