Gothic Necronomicon


Language: Gothic
Mythos: +16%
SAN: -1d8/1d20
Spell Mult: x4
Study Time: 36 weeks
Spells: Call/Dismiss Azathoth, Call/Dismiss Cthugha, Call/Dismiss Nyogtha, Call/Dismiss Shub-Niggurath, Call/Dismiss Yog-Sothoth, Contact Chtulhu, Contact Deep One, Contact Elder Thing, Conact Ghoul, Contact Hound of Tindalos, Contact Lloigr(Race), Concat Nyarlathotep, Contact Sand Dweller, Create Gate, Dismiss Bug-Shash, Dominate, Dread Curse of Azathoth, Dust of Sulieman, Elder Sign, Find Gate, Mind Exchange, Powder of Ibn Gazi, Ressurection, Shrivelling, Summon/bind Byakhee, Summon/bind Fire Vampire, Summon/Bind Servitor of the Outer Gods, Voorish Sign.
References: p.110, Delta Green, Pagan Publishing 1997

from Emerald Hammer

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