Gruppe Rubin

Buried Skeletons

In 1946, Edmund Rubinstein invited a number of scholars, businessmen and influential people to his family mansion in the then-ruined city of Essen. Some of these people were experts in the fields of history and archaeology, while others were bankers and politicians. Most of them were Germans who had been able to escape Germany, for they would have faced Nazi persecution, either for their political beliefs or their Jewish heritage.

After a fine dinner, Edmund took his guests into the living room, where he had set up a film projector and a screen. He showed his audience two films that he had gotten from an unnamed source. These films had been made by the Karotechia. The first showed some of the results of their experiments into reanimating corpses. The other documented the summoning of Deep Ones on the Normandy Coast. The audience was shocked.

Edmund was not finished, however. After the films, he brought out several survivors of certain concentration camps. These people had either witnessed or been victims of Karotechia experiments. The stories they told would have been difficult to believe if the audience hadn’t just witnessed those grim films. These men, part of Germany’s new post-war leadership, had incontrovertible proof of what horrors the Nazis had tried to unleash on their country.

Edmund called on these men to promise to protect the new Germany from this taint, to help resist it in the future and to clean up all the damage already inflicted. Those present readily agreed. There are things that no human should deal with; any contact would lead to the corruption of the whole human race. All of the damage done by the Nazis must be healed, and must never happen again.

At first the group was nameless, but when Rubinstein died in 1950 the group continued and gave itself the name "Gruppe Rubin" in honor of their founder.

The Organization

Many of the group belonged to the new Germany's elite: Some of them were owner of huge industrial facilities or banks, there were professors and politicans who had just returned to the Germany they had fled. Among them was a certain Willy Brandt who had made his first contact with Karotechia in his Norwegian exile.

The group's main activity was research, collecting information about the mythos and especially Karotechia. But sometimes things had to be dealt with. In those moments they used different methods. Their first choice always was to use others: By secretly and discreetly spreading information they made others do the dirty work, for example Delta Green's Operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY at least to some degree resulted on information "given" to DG by Gruppe Rubin. Not that DG would know of Gruppe Rubin. No: The group was clever and discrete enough to be able to provide agents in a way that made the agent think he either accidentally stumbled upon the information or that getting this information was the result of his brilliant investigation.

And sometimes they took things in their own hands. The group created its own reaction force: 12 men, each separately chosen by the Group, every single one of them an expert in his field: pilots, technicians, electronics experts, soldiers, former policemen etc. If the group itself was the brain, these dozen men were the muscle. To keep the whole group secret, these men got new identities, their real identities were declared dead. But these men were only used in cases of emergency and nearly only on German soil.

Die Gruppe Rubin always preferred to have others do the dirty jobs for them. And this is still the same today. Most of the original members are dead now, but they have been replaced by many an important new member. Even well known politicians were and are members. Among the dead are Herbert Wehner, Willy Brandt and Franz Josef Strauss. Still alive are prominent members like Hans Dietrich Genscher, Volker Ruehe and Roman Herzog. Operations by Gruppe Rubin included the assassination of Uwe Barschel and inspiring the Israel’s Six Day War.

The group sees itself as very conservative and patriotic. Many of them come from a Christian background. They consider themselves as being the real elite of Germany (if not the world). Since they have superior knowledge of the universe's secrets they think that they have the right to take every action they think necessary, may it be immoral or illegal. And while killing somebody is considered to be the ultima ratio, it happens.

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