He Without Name

Written and filmed in 1917 by writer/director Ralph W. Routhgate, this film shows the story of a nameless swashbuckler, who rescues a damsel from a cult. In the film, it is strongly implied that the cultists worship Hastur. The film is darker and moodier than most silent films. Also, the film's end is quite tragic.

Additionally, in two frames, one may see the lower left third of a Yellow Sign, lending the film a subliminal air of horror. Running time is 34 minutes. Only eight copies of this film still exist, sealed in film reel cans in movie studio vaults and private collections.

Language: English
Cthulhu Mythos: +1%
SAN Loss: 1/1d2
Spell Multiplier: x1

Spells: None. The spell multiplier is due to the dramatized and stylized presentation of the spells Call Hastur and Unspeakable Promise. Astute investigators may be able to use the depictions in this film to recognize the actual spells.

Study Time: 2 weeks.

From the Ice Cave.

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