Heartless Bastard


Farid Shobair was killed in his Manhattan apartment. DG kept an eye on the man for a long time as he was related to antique trading business. Now he is dead and his heart is missing so A Cell sends agents to look into the case.

The Truth

Joseph Johnson was killed by gang members lead by Jerome Woodburner. His organs were sold to Los Médicos - an underground group providing illicit medical services. The organs were provided to following people:

  • Amelia Passarelli (cornea)
  • Farid Shobair (heart)
  • Andrew Gilligan (liver)

At Handler's discretion there may be more victims/recipients.

After couple of months, Johnson’s grandmother Imara, a powerful sorceresses, comes to NYC to resurrect her grandson. With the help of Johnson’s siblings, Christopher and Julie, she collects his organs for the ritual. Chistopher is an ex-soldier, and acts as the muscle of the operation. He drives a white van and is armed. Julie is a surgeon, she performs organ procurements. She is married and uses her husband surname - McDowell.

About two weeks after Imara arrives in NYC, she and her grandchildren invade Woodburner’s house and keep him captive. They wait about a week between each attack, starting with Passarelli. Police won’t link the cases because crimes have been committed in various parts of the city, and NYPD has suspects for each of them.


Shobair was a wealthy egyptian businessman with a shady past. In 1980s he was a part of occult related gang Sons of Apophis. Later in his life he settled as an antique dealer, food importer and heritage preservation foundation patron. The murder coincides with the prison release of Joe Hassan, Shobair’s old gang friend. Hassan is police’s main suspect. At Handler’s discretion, Shobair may be an active member of an actual occult and/or criminal organization.

According to egyptian mythology, heart holds the soul. Osiris uses it do judge whether the dead may enter afterlife or be eaten by The Devourer. Occult-savvy agent will know that stolen heart may condemn Shobair’s soul. What’s more Apophis is a demon, maybe a Devourer itself. Although this is just a red herring, agents may deduce that the murder was personal and occult-related. Only the latter is partially true.

In Shobair’s apartment, agents could find traces of his associations with occult and crime. However, the main clue is in the bathroom. Among medications, there are pills for heart problems and immunosuppressive drugs. Former are prescribed for Shobair, but latter are prescribed to some other name by doctor Romero. Additionally, agents may find VIP card pointing to the club, where Passarelli was kidnapped.

The apartment building has a reception and video surveillance. Both sources may inform agents that, at the night of the murder, Shobair was visited by a “masseuse”. Ordering such service was typical for Shobair, so receptionist did not pay attention to the woman. Video tapes show little detail about her. This was in fact Julie. Johnsons knew Shobair’s habits and building layout. Christopher, posing as Shobair, cancelled the real visit.


Passarelli is a young social media influencer. She is also a beloved niece of Sebastiano Castelle, a high-ranking member of one of NYC mafia families. Unlike other victims, she is still alive but eyeless.

She was kidnapped from the club (Club Apocalypse maybe?) and found few days later, wandering the streets. The kidnappers used a white van with covered plates. NYPD, along with Castelle, suspects that girl’s kidnapping was part of mob power struggle, and an attack aimed at Castelle, rather than directly at Passarelli. NYPD was unable to track van’s full route, but the girl is able to provide information that will fill the gaps.

If pressed, she will tell agents about her cornea transplantation, however she doesn’t know the details as it was organized by her uncle. Similar to the Shobair, she uses drugs provided by doctor Romero. She may also provide some clues as to where she was taken. Christopher only blinded and binded her, she was sedated by Julie only after she reached Woodburner’s house. Passarelli may give agents some details such as time of the drive, distinctive voices etc. Based on this, agents may use street cameras to track the white van to the Woodburner’s neighbourhood.


Detective Gilligan is a dirty cop with alcohol problems that lead to health issues. He is a part of NYPD’s organized crime unit, but instead of catching gangsters, he uses his position to protect them. In return, they organized services of Los Médicos for him.

Gilligan is corrupted but intelligent man. He knows about Passarelli kidnapping, and soon after Shobair murder, he will start suspecting that someone is targeting clients of Los Médicos. He will try to contact the organization to get some information. After numerous attempts, he will be pointed to Woodburner. Gilligan will try to solve the problem by himself. Sadly, Johnsons are following him for some time, and he is about to enter their trap.

After initial reconnaissance, Gilligan will use lockpicks to enter Woodburner’s house through the back door. He assumes that Christopher is the only perpetrator and won’t expect Imara. The two will easily overpower the detective. Julie will get there soon after, and operate to extract Joseph’s liver. Few hour later, Christopher will get rid of the body, dumping it in some ditch not far from the city. The body will be found several days later. If agents get to the house in time, thay have a chance to save Gilligan.


There are multiple clues indicating that the victims underwent off-the-record organ transplantation. Their medical records show health problems, but their recent lifestyle indicates the opposite.

  • All organs were removed with surgical precision, using professional instruments.
  • All victims used immunosuppressive drugs provided by doctor Romero.
  • All victims have same, rare blood type (B Rh-)
  • Shobair was diagnosed with coronary artery disease. Recently he was training intensively to get in shape.
  • Passarelli had a corneal dystrophy causing several vision problems. Until recently, she had to wear contact lenses or glasses.
  • Gilligan was former heavy drinker with known liver problems, recently he returned to his addiction.

Question remains: how did they get new organs? Clues lead to doctor Romero. If pressed, he will point agents to Los Médicos. Castele, Passarelli’s uncle, will do the same if agents treat him properly. Lastly, if agents manage to get Gilligan’s cell phone, they will find clues leading to organization’s representative.

Los Médicos will make contact only through secure connection, never in person. They want this case to be settled. They don’t know who is behind this and why is targeting specific customers. They can be easily convinced to provide information about Johnson and Woodburner. If agents reveal that doctor Romero provided them with contact to the organization, the doctor will die in mysterious accident few days later.

Confronting Johnsons

First thing Imara and Johnsons did, was breaking into Woodburner’s house and imprisoning him. His blood is one of the ritual’s component and it has to be fresh. The group uses the house as a hideout and makeshift operating room. Imara is always present, watching over the prisoner and preparing the ritual. Christopher is present during the night.

One sure way for agents to reach the location, is checking on Woodburner after contacting Los Médicos. If the agents observe the house during the late night or early morning, they will spot Christopher’s van, matching the description of car used in Passarelli’s kidnapping, entering or leaving the garage.

Doors are locked, and windows are covered with curtains. No one will answer the knocking, however, at night the light is visible inside. If agents burst in, Imara and any other member of Johnson family, will immediately attack them.

If the agents get to Woodburner’s house early in the scenario, they may witness Gilligan scouting the area and entering the house. This is the good moment to strike as the Johnsons will be occupied and unprepared. Agents have an opportunity to save the detective.

At third night after retrieving the final organ, Imara will conduct the resurrection ritual. If agents observe the house, they will notice loud incantations coming from the cellar. If agents somehow disrupt the ritual, Joseph may return as Liveliest Awfulness. Otherwise, he will be successfully resurrected. To survive first few days, he needs fresh human blood. Johnsons will use Woodburner, but soon, they will have to kidnap some other poor soul.


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Dominik Zieliński.

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