Hemato Vision Goggles

Hemato-Vision goggles

Last seen on some NRO DELTA or BLUE FLY operatives, these goggles are one of the tidbits of technology the Mi-Go have been using as a carrot for MJ-12. The goggles themselves are multi-faceted and vaguely organic in design, giving the wearer an odd insect-like appearance. For the wearer of these goggles, all human blood glows a surreal purple. This glow can be detected whether the blood is currently in a person's veins, or 20 years old and caked into the carpet, or sloshing around in a critter's belly. The goggles are useful for hunting people or people-eaters and as a very quick-and-dirty forensic tool.

Notes: Apply Sanity rolls as much as you like for finding blood where it should not be and simply for prolonged use of these creepy things. Also, you might want to make these goggles secretly feed upon the wearer, gradually rendering them anemic.

Although they are currently unable to explain the workings of the goggles, project PLUTO scientists are convinced that the answer lies within the Cookbook. They are mistaken.

This is from the Ice Cave.

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